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Overtraining on Cycle

Not sure if its diet or overtraining but been feeling gassed out lately. Im in week 6 of a cut cycle…
Test prop 100mg eod
Var 80mg dailey
Hgh 4iu daily
200mg test cyp weekly
So far been dropping about 1% bf weekly and holding weight which was goal gain muscle lose fat
Dropping carbs every 2 weeks
Diet is 1.5g pro x bw
Carbs 1g x bw (started at 2g)
Fat.5g x bw
Last 4 weeks .5g carbs x bw
Now tho just feeling tired and bored… My WO is hard 1hr lifting mostly supersets then 20 min hiit or 45min ss
I rotate cardio…wo is standard split Legs, chest back, shoulders arms…repeat & 1 rest day… Gainz good but Im zapped…never felt zapped on cycle b4
Overtraining or just being a puss?
Maybe should sleep more or add blue meth?

Probably this lel. Maximise fatigue management/recovery (sleep pretty much). Maybe get cardiovascular fitness and work capacity up. Carbs around workout. etc.

Overtraining/Overreaching is simply too much work for your body to recover from. Over time with your body constantly playing catch up on recovery something’s gonna give. Don’t know how much work you do per week from what you’ve put up but I doubt you’ve squeezed in 10x10 Squats on Leg Day or someshit. Natties recover from that shit fine tho so you’re probably not overtrained.

I would say add some caffeine to the mix, are you doing clen/ephedrine or any stims?also 80mgs var should pep you up.

No stims I hate them… Just pre workout & creatine

Yes on leg day I do…
4x10 squats
4x 10DL
4x 10 single leg pres
4x10 single leg lunge
4x15 leg curl ss with 4x15 leg ext
5x 25 calf raise
All last sets to failure…
Then cap it off with hiit on Bike to really burn legs…no pain no gain
I think if I bump rest that may help… Half way there so cant bump calories as thats whats giving the cut power. I do have some clen I could bump if i totally gas out
Its alot of volume… Tue = chest/back day Wed= shoulders/ Arms then repeat…its pretty much Arnolds blue print to cut program with a bigger leg day

With the amount of volume your doing I would like to see you pushing more carbs. Also try to separate the cardio and training. But if your using respectable weight then I would look at the training period as a top off or growth time granted without sufficient calories that won’t happen but you can create a balance between the work.

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On ss cardio days I do it in morning… Weights always in PM…Remember tho goal here is a cut…so dropping cals every 2 weeks causes the cut. But yes weights in the 75% zone…just enough to where last 3 reps hard

Oh…I would change the volume to a more intensity based so less sets more weight.

Check your bloodpressure. If its high that can leave you feeling gassed.
You gotta gauge and adjust your workout according to how you feel or you will just make it worse.

Let’s make it simple throw up some photos and let’s see how far you are away from your goal.

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Make sure to take photos holding a shoe so we can see before and after


I heard cocaine can assist you in these times of need it will give you a new perspective of life…


Anyways, it sounds like you are getting burnt out at least that’s how i felt when reading your post !!

I would personally change it up, try new things and change the workout routine for a couple weeks and then alternate… bored? think about why u started and what u have achieved… then regain motivation… check tinder… smash some hoes… then get back to the weights… remember you dont have to necessarily “lift hard” to progress, you can do many other things, take a breather and try something new.

I was just a bit worn out…too hard in the paint… I solved it by taking naps at work caffiene and more HGH

Plus its winter here nothing but fat chicks on tinder. Is jerk off and PS4 season here