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Overtraining on Bench Press?

Ive notice recently when doing bench press that my arms are shaky and muscle are twitching when I lift the bar. This even happens with my first warm up set.

Im on superdrol right now and been doing every set until failure and sometimes beyond for the past 8 weeks… 5-6 sets, each til failure. my concern is that I may be overtraining on the bench press and my cns is overstimulated?

My goal is to hit bench max 325 and ive been training real hard past 2 months to reach that goal.

OK so back off how many times a week are you doing this. are you really trying to push the lbs up FAST and not ready for the loads?? Maybe the small supporting muscles, tendons joints etc arent ready for the loads


You might be overtrained, but I wouldn’t know because you didn’t mention how many times a week you bench. You also didn’t mention how much you workout for your other body parts.

If strength is your goal, try training in your 3-5RM weight with 3-5 sets.

I bench only 2x/week at home, im also on a moderate/low carb diet <around 100-150g/day> dont know if that may have anything to do with over training. I havnt worked out much on any other bodypart due to the extreme lethargy from the drug, just trying to hit my goal 325lbs for one rep this cycle.

I think that it may have something to do with going to failure on each set every workout or maybe like phil said weaker tendons. so far I have only gained 20lbs on the bench doing the same number of sets/reps as before but havnt tried to max out yet due to fear of injury.

Perhaps you need more antagonist work. The reason why your hands are shaky may be due to the fact you’ve been doing bench presses a lot more than your other bodyparts, especially your back and other stabilizer muscles. Believe it or not, muscles in your back help stabilize your arms when doing bench presses. You might wanna have a similar strength goal to bent-over rows as well.

be care full with gear dude
your muscles will get stronger much faster than your tendons and ligaments will. . .
that is why you hear of bodybuilders and juiced power lifters getting muscle tears. . .

old time strong men did not have this issue ( at least as much ) due to slower training methods