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Overtraining Help

I know that most over training reports are all BS. I just finished my season (College Tennis), and was in a state of over training for about the last month.

Short summary: I’ve been lifting for about two years, coming into the season I had pretty mundane 1RMs Squat: 260, DL: 325, Bench: 160.

The season began and I came right into it doing out a nice 8 week program (I had a three way split that I’d do twice a week, so 6 days lifting 1 day rest per week, fairly intense hour and a half workouts). I started the season lifting four times a week, but within the first week of the season had to cut all lifting because of practice.

We practiced 6 days a week (2 hours), and did about a half hour of hardcore sprints and plyometric work every day. I tried to keep lifting, talked to my coaches, but couldn’t come to any sort of agreement and ended up not being able to lift at all.

Practice continued for about a month and a half without rest, until the season (matches) started. After about a month of matches with probably 2 days rest my body pretty much shutdown on me.

I had perpetual soreness in my legs, I couldn’t sleep enough (to feel rested–I got 8-11 hours a night), couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up a few times, and was horribly irritable. By the end of the season–though I love the sport and my teammates–I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Now I feel very very week and sore, and after taking 4 days off I finally ventured into the weight room to try to get my strength back (and active recover). I heated and stretched, and popped out 10 squats at 165, then 8 at 185 and could barely walk. I tried to squat more but my hamstrings could barely get up for the first rep.

My upper body is pretty much fine. I did bench and military presses, and only lost a little bit of strength over the season.

Now given the situation how do I go about recovering? Is there protocol to recovering from overtraining that is standard? Perhaps frequent workouts for upperbody with something different for lower body? Also is there any way to work in some tennis into the mix (practice), and in what time frame?

Anyone who is familiar or knowledgeable in this realm I’d be grateful for help, thanks for reading this at the least :slight_smile:

Your diet and supplements is what going to help you recover. For example, I take in anywhere from 200-300 grams of protein per day depending on if it is a workout day or not. In addition, I take BCAA’s around 50-75 grams plus plenty of vitamins. With all of this, I also pack in around 3500-4000 cals per day. This calorie range allow for good fat loss and good recoverability for my training goals.

You should take a look at some of the supplements and nutrition forums. Those guys have plenty of topics that might address your needs.

Your training is specific to your goals of tennis so I can’t tell you if your training is Over-training or not. But muscle soreness is a sign of stress your muscles are not use to, so you must be doing something.