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Overtraining? Help with My Routine


So I started working out around 9 months back..put on around 10 kilos (currently 85 kg/187lbs), but kept switching between 5x5 and a 2 muscle a day routine. Now i've sat down and chalked out a routine which i think would best suit my body type. A friend who looked at it think's I'm going to be overtraining.

Could you please lemme know what u think fellow T-Nationers. My goal from now to May is to gain a good 15-20 Kilo's of mass if that's possible. Here's my routine:

1) Chest, biceps

Incline 3 Sets 12,8,6,
Bench 4 Sets 12,8,6,4
Flyes 3 sets
Decline 3 sets
Cable Pull/ Dips 2/3 sets
Standing Barbell (shoulder wide) 3 sets
Hammer Curls 3 sets
EZ Bar Curls (Narrow Grip) 2 sets 20,20

2) Legs

Leg curl 3 sets 12,12,12
Leg Press 3 sets 25, 20, 15
Squats 4 sets 12,12,8,6
Lunges 3 sets 24,20,14
3 sets of Calf supersets

3) Shoulder/Tricep

Do around 3 sets of front/middle and rear shoulder exercise. Start off with standing/sitting over head press.
Do atleast 4 Tricep Exercises. Make sure cables involved

4) Back,hamstrings, Calves
Deadlift 4 Sets 12,8,5,2
Lying Hamstring 3 sets 12,12,12
Front Latpulldown 3 sets 8,8,8 / Pullups
Seated Cable rows 2 sets 10,10
Dumbbell rows 2 sets 10,10 ( go Heavy)
1-2 more upper/mid back exercises if still alive.
Calves Superset

5) If Day 5 is happening go heavy legs.,abs,forearms


your nutrition has to be in order...you have to be in a caloric surplus and protein must be high...

i don't think you need to do 5 chest exercises...i would limit it to 3-4...it is possible to do 5 but there would be some exercises where you would have to go lighter on and basically use it as a pump type exercise...jay cutler trains kind of like that(goes to failure on maybe 1-2 exercises only)...

same thing with back...after db rows...i dont see the point in doing 1-2 more exercises unless you follow what i said above which is an advanced technique...

don't see the point in training legs twice unless your legs are lagging behind your upper body...if that is the case then you can probably do that...

plan your rest days strategically...


Thanks man that's some solid advice. I still need to get my eating sorted out. I eat a lot but play football (soccer) 3 times a week which i think is really hurting my gains.guess i need to start with the whey and creatinez. don't think i've grown much in the past month cuz of my intense football regime.

Yeah, ur right think i just need to limit back and chest to 3-4 exercises a workout. and yes my legs are seriosuly lagging behind my upper body. Even tho iv been playing football for so long and i do train legs I find it really hard to add size on to mylegs, especially calves.


i wouldn't worry about creatine right now...

you need to get into the habit of eating a large amount of protein dense food everyday(beef, eggs, chicken, turkey, tuna, etc)...that type of food happens to cost a lot of money every week...if your serious about changing your physique, then you will find ways to get these types of food in your diet...

as far as supplements....if you can afford them..then go ahead, but creatine or any other supplement is only small factor in building muscle...

it's the intensity of your efforts and the consistancy you spend in the gym and kitchen that will build a physique...


i wouldnt say you would be overtraining, well, i cant because i dont know your capacity to recover but that is a lot of exercises.

keep it simple:

chest - 3 moves (2 compound, 1 isolation or something like that) 3-4 sets, 6-10 rep range (i find 12's burn me out quick)

back - maybe 2 width and 2 thickness. i tend to stay in the 4-8 rep range on thickness and 10-15 on back width with a GOOD stretch in the hang position

legs - put all your leg workout together. unless you are moving some serious weight and need to split them up because you just cant make it through a leg day, id say man up. warm up. 4-6 sets of heavy squats, leg press, 2 hamstring exercises and calves.

shoulders - 3-4 sets of an overhead movement. again, this is pretty cookie cutter but stay in the 6-10 range. 2 medial delt and a rear delt (or 1 medial and two rear depending on what your shoulders look like right now) maybe 3-4 sets.

arms - 2-3 exercises on whatever day you wanted them in there.

this is pretty basic. ramp up to a top set in your rep range. if you feel like you want a little bit more volume lighten up and hit a different rep range. so, on OH press you hit 185x4 than lighten it up a bit and maybe hit 160x8.


Thanks action boy. the reason i seperated ham's from the legs day is becuase i get raped doing both squats and deadlifts on the same day. if i start with squats my DL's suffer and vice versa. when u say thickness for back what kind of movement is there other than rows?

On another note how long is ur average workout ? does it cross 1 hour?


rows are great for thickness but here is the solution to your problem, do deadlifts/rack pulls on back day. great for back thickness and adds a little bit of frequency for the hamstrings.

than on leg day do RDL's fairly light (when i say fairly light, im not talking LIIIGGHHT, just lighter than what you tend to tend to deadlift) and focus on the stretch and feeling the muscle work. alternatively, you can do leg curls and glute-ham raises. if you dont have the equipment to do that, you can set up on a lat pull down station. youtube that for examples.

a workout is generally an hour but im not really a volume guy. I hit hard and go home but ive heard of other posters on this site doing 1.5-2 hours. someone usually gives them shit for it but you cant argue with results, right? long story short, you should be able to get in and get out in about an hour.


Gonna make a few alterations to my routine and going to stick with it for atleast 3-4 motnhs. I think this is really good.

Yeah i try to keep it to just an hour but on most days it crosses 1 and a half.. Thanks for the help man.