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overtraining grip/forearms in ovt

I’m into my fourth week of OVT training and things have been going great, i’m up ALOT in all my lifts, but it seems that my forearms/grip might be getting overtrained. With the added weight my grip is getting a harder workout everytime I train and I don’t think they are recovering completely. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what I might do to correct this. Would wraps be a good idea to use for some excersises? Any help/idea’s appreciated.

Just keep doing it. Your forearms should eventually adapt, and grow bigger and stronger.

try stretching out your forearms before you start your workouts. your grip may be slipping because your body is adapting to the heavier lifts faster than your hands can “handle”. hehe.
I wouldn’t use lifting straps personally, regardless of the weight because I want my hands to be as strong as possible. you may want to use straps though for the remainder of the program and when it’s over focus yourself on putting more time into working your hand strength.

Ironmind has a ton of grip tools.

i ran into the same problems with Canadian Cannons and now that i’m doing OVT, my forearms still haven’t gotten up to par. i’ve been using straps when deadlifting, but that’s because legs comes 2 days before arms, and i found that shot forearms on that day pretty much makes the workout a write off. do everything you can without the straps, and only use them on your utmost heaviest lifts for DL, lat pulldown, bent-over row, etc. when you are done with OVT, tailor your workout that includes enough dedicated grip/forearm work to increase grip strength/endurance.

Keep going man,

That’s what i was thinking when i was arouns 3-4 weeks in to OVT, but now my 8 weeks are over my forearms are bigger than they have ever been