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Overtraining Enough to Lower Test Levels?


I have a lower than normal testosterone level, and I have been alot about how over training can lower your testosterone.

I am trying to figure out if I am over training, and if yes, if it is enough to lower my t levels.

About me
200 pounds
Maybe 12 percent body fat
I eat well.
43 resting heart beat

I was a college swimmer and I was also swimmer in high school, so I am use to working out constantly. Basically everyday day of the week, regardless as to whether I am tired or a little bit sick. I have been lifting for several years, but for the last two years or so I have barely gained any mass or strength. Although cardiovasculary I am getting better and better. I have not missed a daily workout in atleast five months, maybe longer, sometimes I feel like I have a workout disorder.

Heres is a typical week

Monday, Weds, Fri, Sun
Run 3 miles, Swim 2 miles

Tuesday, Thurs, Sat --- the actually lifting takes about an hour
Run 3 miles
bench 3 sets at 185 205 and 225
Regular pull ups 3 sets
Military pull ups 3 sets
Dead lifts 3 sets 205 225 225
Military Press with Free weights, 45 per arm, 50, 50
Bend over rows, 60 per arm, 3 sets
Shoulder raises, 3 sets, 25, 25, 30
Star jumpers, 3 sets of 10
Dips at own body weight, 3 sets of 15
Power Cleans 3 sets at 135 135 155
Occasionally Rock climbing after workout

I know I probably do too much...but is it way too much? Are my t-levels affected?

I would like to get stronger and bigger, but honestly those aren't my biggest concerns, mainly I just want my t levels to get higher so I stop having symtoms of low t.


I have already responded to this one another board.
Answer is plan and simple YES causing stress to adrenals which are already low to begin with further weakening the immune system exposing your self to potential thyroid and testosterone issues down the road.


The only way to determine what is happening is to get a good male panel done. Everything else babble.


T levels have to be evaluated in the context of your amount of virilization: body hair, facial hair and facial bone structure. But symptoms are very important. Note that most of the symptoms of hypogonadism and hypothyroidism are common to both.

Note what is written about thyroid levels and iodine in other posts.
You may be wearing down your adrenals, cortisol can suffer or crash.
Yes, you can wear yourself out and this can change your body. You may need to develop new priorities and change your self-definition.

Do you think than an enlarged heart is a good thing? Certainly not an indicator of long life.


THanks for the input, I think i might have hypothyroidism as well, but no dr. yet as taken that seriously with me. I don't think I have an enlarge heart though. I think just cardiovascularly I am in really really good shape. If you look at olympic runners or swimmers their resting heart beats are in the 30's.


Blood volume needs to be there. If less BPM, the volume per beat needs to be higher, so the heart chambers need are bigger. Your resistant to blood flow may be lower, but that does not change the equation.


Dude, you're 22 y.o.! I think it would be pretty difficult to overtrain at your age. Do you have any other symptoms of overtraining? Depression, lack of motivation, feeling to weak to finish workouts, trouble sleeping? Are you taking a break every 6-8 weeks for recuperation? (like take a week off or deloading?)

If you are trying to gain muscle and strength you need to cut out most of that running and swimming for awhile. And/ or eat a lot more food bro. Eat, eat, eat!! Oh, and eat more healthy fats! They will help raise test.....

I say take a week or two off and rest. Eat like a pig (good clean food). See if you feel better and stronger before wasting a bunch of money on labs and doctors...


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Yeah that is severe overtraining. You shouldn't be lifting weight more than 2-3x a week unless you want to destroy your body which it looks like you do. You are clearly an amateur - a lifter cannot recover or gain on that kind of schedule. Keep that up and your body will feel useless in no time - your endocrine system will be exhausted if it isn't already.