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Overtraining & Diminished Sex Drive


Myth or reality?


Myth, from my own personal experience. I experience an increase.


reality! if im doin heavy compound lifts of 4-5 sets, the sex drive goes way down for at least a day sometimes 2.




are you kidding? after the shower i am ready to tear someone up!


Id say it’s true. Good Post, very open-ended. Yes there have been times when I have trained twice a day thinking I was Iron Man. What I learned from that experience is that I am only human. It’s hard to think about women when you are ONLY thinking about lifting weights. (Overtraining.)


I don’t want to use the term “overtraining,” but there are amounts and types of training that are quite reasonable (though many would vehemently disagree) and effective to do but leave reduced energy for sex.

It would be interesting to know how many sets per week those denying this effect have experience with.


When I ran something along the lines of Charles Poliquin’s super accumulation program for two weeks leading up to training camp in 07, I had NO sex drive by the end. The reality is when you overload volume, a lowered sex drive is one sign that a back off may be in your future.


Might you be confusing general tiredness with decreased sex drive? After leg day, all I wanna do is slouch in a chair and eat for two hours. I can’t even be bothered to move my hand up and down. If not that, then I really can’t relate. Consult your local witch doctor.


Umm, there are a million reasons why someone may have ‘decreased sex drive’ and not because you have ‘overtrained’. And if you have overtrained, there would be a bunch of other very obvious signs other than diminished sex drive. Not to mention this is all VERY subjective to the individual.


I’ve never experienced decreased sex drive. Not even when I was deathly ill with strep 10 years ago.


Enzyte FTW Smiling Bob!



You mean it is the exact same every day?

How remarkable.


[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
You mean it is the exact same every day?

How remarkable.[/quote]



10+ hours a week of track and 3 hours of soccer + a match. Add a crappy diet to that and you still get a big NOOOO! Although I often got too tired to beat off I can’t say my sex drive went down. I know everyone says you can get away with a lot of dumb shit in your teens, but if you just eat enough I doubt you’ll overtrain. Ever.

But sure, true overtraining will probably leave you trashed, not thinking about sex at all for a while. I’m just saying it’s nowhere near easy to catch. There’s a reason there’s more people undertraining than overtraining.


No matter how tired I am I’m always ready for some sex.

That being said I don’t always get it but I can try.


i don’t think that many people have actually experienced overtraining at all. tiredness, overuse and cns burnout maybe.

if your genuinely overtrained, i don’t think your gonna be feeling particuarly horny.


[quote]BigGuy490 wrote:
are you kidding? after the shower i am ready to tear someone up![/quote]

Yeah after some heavy-lifting days, I feel the same way.

But the question was if you are overtrained, not after a heavy session.

I think if you were seriously overtrained, you’d definitely be okay with not hooking up.


no i really doubt it, tired yes, hungry starved, worn-out, but decreased sex drive, nope…

bring it, besides, why do the work when she can go on top


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