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Overtraining, Chronic Fatigue or What?

Hello guys. I wanted to ask for advice for fatigue. I train 4 times a week, I have a college and I am active during the day. I eat about 3500 kcal per day, because I am in a bulking period.I sleep for at least 8 hours. I am very tired, lacking motivation and vague. also, I don’t even have a sex drive. I’ll put a picture with a workout split, which I follow twice a week. I’m waiting for your opinion.

All the best.

If you are natty and overtraining you could be cooking all the natural T out of your body. No sex drive should be your first clue. Rest and recovery is way more important to a natty than a juicer.

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I have and still over-train to the point of exhaustion and low sex drive. I’ve actually experimented with backing off to see if my libido increased and it did. So I agree with @hrdlvn

My split for monday and friday- 14.700 kg per day.
Anyway, if i decrease my volume, i will lose muscle, right?
And if i train with lower volume, i will not gain muscle?

No, you would not magically lose muscle if you decreased your volume. If anything (do roughly 1/3 of your normal volume using the same loads) you would maintain the muscle you’ve built. You’d be surprised how little volume you need to do this.

On the other hand, you can still build muscle with lower volumes. In that case, increase the intensity variable and make sure to still focus on progressive overload. Having said that, it’s still possible the increased intensity could slowly get you back to feeling overtrained again.

So…go with maintenance volume awhile and see how you feel.

There’s absolutely zero chance you’re ‘overtrained’ from running a program like that. That is a basic, bare bones, low volume workout.

I highly suggest getting labwork done through your doctor. The symptoms you listed are quite often related to hormonal issues, of which there can be many. A comprehensive blood panel would be useful. Liver and kidney problems, heart problems, low testosterone, thyroid issues, high estrogen, etc can all potentially lead to chronic fatigue and a lack of motivation. How’s your appetite for food? Do you have any trouble eating?

It’s also possible that you’re not getting quality sleep. If bloodwork comes back normal, you could have a sleep study done on yourself.


Yeah as above, get yourself checked out.

For training try this until feel better…

Make sure getting in basic minerals and vits. Try ZMA, high strength vit D and a good vit B complex if not already. -Deficiencies in any of these can sometimes make you feel shit

Restful quality sleep is so overlooked

I had very similar symptoms even after getting on TRT. Have you considered getting blood work done to see if you are deficient in anything? I found out that my iron & B12 was very low and after supplementing it made a major difference. Obviously you don’t want to just start supplements without knowing if you need them or not.

If you go to discountlabs website and search “fatigue panel” there will be a list of labs. Write those down and take to your doc and have insurance cover them. It was life changing for me as far as fatigue goes.

What did you do for iron? I tried chelated iron (I think?) with vitamin c and daily red meat and it still won’t come up. It’s oretty low and I feel like constant shit even on TRT. Like everyday… wondering if this could be a problem?

I used iron, vit C & L-lysine. Mine didn’t go up much until I added L-lysine

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How much of the Llysone?

1 hour before or 2 hours after coffee or food

Earlier in the day
Iron 100mg elemental iron (1 pill)
Vitamin C 1000 mg
L-lysine 1300mg (1/2 teaspoon)

Later in the day
Iron 50mg elemental iron (1/2 pill)
Vitamin C 1000

Even doing just the earlier in the day part would be enough to raise it super fast.

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Thanks man! I’ll order some. Does low iron really effect the way we feel? I’ve been low for a long time

Edit: how long before you noticed a perceptive change?

I noticed a change early on. Like the first week but things really got going around the 1 month mark.

What it did for me was give me energy but not in a redbull kind of way. More like a steady stamina. Color came back to my skin. I was pale and then went to having an olive color to my skin. Many of the differences are really hard to describe honestly but they are noticeable. I feel better. It was almost as much of a difference as being dialed in on TRT.

I also supplement B12. The most important thing I’ve learned is the pills don’t do shit. You have to get the sublingual lozenges (methylcobalamin). I take 1000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges. It’s made a BIG difference!

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Hi Dex, I have always heard B12 supplement don’t make it thru the gutt acids. I recently asked Defy for B12 shots. https://www.defymedical.com/component/content/article/12-services/89-methylcobalamin-vitamin-b-12-injection

Based on my blood test my script called for 100 iu twice a week.That is a whole flipping syringe I did 50 per love handle and it made me nauseous for over an hour. I have since cut the dose to 50iu Mon and 50 Thurs. Time will tell. Right now two weeks in to be honest I am feeling nothing worth reporting.

You may be right. The pills never did shit for me for the years I took them. The first day I tried the sublingual lozenges (melt under tongue) I felt it within 20 mins. I read a couple studies showing the methyl version used sublingually is just as effective as the shots although you have to take it each day. That’s crazy you aren’t feeling anything. I’ve been using the lozenges daily for a year and I feel that sucker still.

Here’s my bloods on B12 I eat a lot of lean steak every week, like 40 bucks worth. I think it is the
metformin I take that is killing my B12

Have you done a before and after bloods on your B12? I will be testing B12 in a month or so to see if my numbers increase from the injections. I don't know what a good B12# is, do you? My plan is to also stop the metformin that I have been on for the last year. I also don't think it has done anything for me.

These are my favorite

I haven’t had bloods since taking B12 sublingually but mine were initially higher than yours 725 (250-1250). My hemoglobin, HCT, mchc & mch were low.