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Overtraining But Still Making Progress


I'm experiencing what I believe to be symptoms of overtraining. And yet I continue to make PRs. I have added 15lbs onto my big 3 total in the last week, but I am having problems with insomnia, fatigue, depression, apathy, etc. Is it possible to be experiencing the psychological symptoms of overtraining but still be making progress on the weights?


It's possible, but not for long. How long have you been experiencing these symptoms? I have a feeling that if you continue like this your workouts will suffer very soon.


I would bet you are just barely over the edge of overtraining - so just cut back a little bit and get on the good side - the progress and feel good side of the tip


Thanks, guys. I'll go with another day off and lower volume slightly.


Had these "symptopms of overtraining" before i first touched a weight.


Maybe you need to stop moving altogether.