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Overtraining, But Afraid of Cutting Back

I’m 5’10 weighting 138 lbs ( 63 kg) atm. Started training in january last year bodyweight only at 51kgs. My lifestyle was shit. during the weekend,holidays I was going to sleep at 4-5 AM woke up at 1-2 PM ate a sandwich then something at 7-8 pm and repeat till someone I met made me wanna change.

I started training at home with a pull up bar 2x 5kg dumbbels 2 parallel bars and the floor. I trained like this at home january - october when I stopped because the cold kicked in and I couldnt workout outside anymore. I was trying to make my parents let me go to the gym. In december I finally got my first gym membership but that month was pretty shit cuz the gym was mostly closed because christmas and so on.

January was fucking shit as well…the snow fucked me ,all the roads were closed So I started the real training ( at least I tought it was solid) late junuary at 58 kg. I started tracking calories ( I was aiming for 2400-2500 using myfitnesspal) but that amount didnt do much so I started going for 2900-3200 calories daily and Right now I’m at 63 kg so still skinny but looking pretty good <> to the 51kg I started with.

My goal is to put on size. Pretty much as much as possible at this point. My goal,realistic or not, is to be around 78 if not 80 kgs at least. I cant say how far Im aiming to go till the end of 2017 cuz I dont really how much weight I can put on by then. Lets talk about my training now. I hit the gym 5 days a week monday-friday.

I know its not the best or at least I think so but my split is : Back and triceps , chest and biceps , shoulders and abs , Legs only and then friday Arms ( favorite day for obvious reasons). I want a split,routine to help me put on as much mass as possible. I know there are lots of them on the internet but pretty much every single one is like " this is the best ".

I would want something that lets me hit the gym the whole week from monday to friday because every day I have a 2 hours gap when I literally dont have where to go. I dont care if its ppl or something like that as long as its gonna lead me to my goal. Exercises /reps/sets

I think im going a bit too hard when it comes to the amount of exercises I do not because I think more is better but honestly just love working out. For example I do like 4-5 exercises for my chest,6-7 for my back ( 3-4 sets each 8-12 reps ), 5 shoulders and for arms like 7 exercises for biceps and triceps ( so 14 exercises in total for both). I know this is overtraining and I wanna change it but im just afraid that im not doing enough and im not going to grow.

Any suggestions regarding workout programs (5 days,at least 1 hour long)would be really appreaciated. My bench is 100 pounds. My squats are 100 pounds as well.

Hi and welcome.

You’re not overtraining but you may be doing some garbage sets. Post your plan if you want some of the folks on here to tell you if you’re on the right path.

My advice however would be to forget about body part splits. Do full body splits until you’re strong. Use big compound exercises like squat, deadlift, lunge, bench, overhead press and pull/chin up. Learn how to do the exercises with correct form. Work your butt off using a progressive overload approach and concentrate on getting stronger. You’ll put on plenty of quality size too as long as you’re eating plenty of good quality food.

Another alternative could be to look up a program based on mainly compound movements like stronglifts 5x5 and stick to it for as long as you keep getting stronger.

Ok so my training was something like this :
Back : Bent over rows
Pull ups ( always started with pull ups) 6-10 reps 4 sets
T-bar rows
One arm dumbbel rows
Wide/close pull downs

Legs: squats,leg press , seated leg curls,lying leg curls and rarely lunges.
Chest: Always starting off with bench press 4 sets 12-10-10-8 reps
Dumbbel incline press or barbell incline
decline dumbbell press
dumbbell flys , cable flyes and Dips
Biceps : preacher curls , reverse ez bar curls,ez bar curls,dumbbell hammer curls ( I do both hammer curls and normal curls with dumbbell seated) Straight bar curls and pull ups.
Triceps: ez bar skullcrushers, Two-Arms Triceps Extension, Close grip bench press, Dips and weighted bench dips , tricep pushdowns both with the two way rope thingy and the small bar and diamond pushups (literally what I did today)
Shoulders : overhead press,lateral raises,front raises,dumbbell shoulder press and front plate raise
Traps : I do shrugs,rack pulls and deadlifts sometimes. Pretty much every exercise is 4-5 sets mostly 10-12 reps. excepting bench press and squats when sometimes I go heavy and go down to 4-6 reps

Holy volume overkill.

Dump the Front Raise and Front Plate Raises. Your front delts get enough stimulation from all that pressing and dips. You can keep the Lateral raises as long as you’re doing them correctly. Do some Facepulls, band pull aparts or, reverse flyes at the end of your Shoulder and Chest Routines.

You need to cut back man that’s just way too much junk volume.

Not what you want to hear but 3-4 days max with something like this below gives very proven results at your stage. Nowhere near the level to do bro splits.

This guy in same boat and rapidly put on 35lbs:

If reeeealy cant stay out the gym do this and ask Thib some questions in his forum…



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Your probably no where near being over trained… BUT what your doing isn’t optimal for your current level.

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