Overtraining & Bodyfat Gain

I have been working my a** off in the gym the last few weeks and have been eating like a horse.

UNfortunetly I just seem to be getting fat.

Could this be due to excessive training raising my cortisol levels sky high and stopping any muscle growth?

What should I do?

thanks for any help.

It could be your training. But, it could also be you’re simply consuming too many calories, and/or poor meal combinations.

We’ll need to know the specifics of your training and diet, in order to better pin down the problem.

But, it never hurt to relax, and take some Vitamin C to help blunt the cortisol.

hows your sleeping? if well then i doubt it, also if u can maintain a good appetite i doubt its overtraining
prolly too many cals, if u shed then u’ll prolly see some good LBM increase

I guess I have a question Federov, how do you know your getting fat? Have you been tracking your body fat % in some way?