Overtraining Bi's/Tri's???

Hey, do you guy do Bi’s on the same day as back or seperate them? Also when do you do tri’s?? My split goes like this.
Workout 1 Legs/Bi’s
workout 2 Chest/calfs
Workout 3 Back/traps
Workout 4 Shoulders/tri’s
My arms have always been kinda thin. I onlt do 9 sets of Bi’s or tri’s so Im not overdoing it. ANy ideas?

YOu might want to take the biceps workouts away from leg day and put it in with shoulders and triceps. THis way, you have the option of supersetting, and you won’t be working arms directly or indirectly every workout (as you are now). You might even want to think about spreading the whole cycle out and giving arms a day of their own, or just moving shoulders in with chest.

Arms and shoulders are a weak point for me. So I’m focusing on bringing them up. Currently, I’m doing the following. MONDAY: biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs. TUESDAY: Fun stuff (mountain biking, in-line skating, kbell work and/or sprinting). WEDNESDAY: Legs, calves and abs. THURSDAY: same as Tuesday. FRIDAY: Chest, Back, Traps and abs. This way, I hit arms and shoulders at the beginning of the week, and then they get hit again when doing back, chest and traps at the end of the week.

jb - if eliminating overlap between workouts is your goal you might want to give a traditional push/pull routine a try. my upper body four day split goes like this:

sat: Pecs, Front Delts, Triceps

sun: Back, Lats, Rear Delts, Obliques

tues: Top Delts, Traps, Seratus, Abdominals

wed: Biceps, Brachials, Flexors, Extensors

this seems to work well for me and keep most of the muscle isolated with no overtraining due to overlap. kevo

I’ve tried about every split but I’ve settled on working bi’s with back. Simply gives me more recovery time and I think I’m starting to grow again. I ‘did’ enjoy doing bi’s/tri’s in supersets for a long time. Get a huge double pump then strut around the gym between sets. Would pretty cool if my arms looked like that all the time.

If you are doing a great back routine i.e. pullups up the wazoo, then you really shouldn’t need to do too much work on your bi’s.

9 sets would be enough. I would just try to work both pronated and supinated curls.


Yep, I am starting to do 4 sets of chins/pull ups every back workout. I can onyl do 8 reps and want to be able to so 6 sets. Then maybe I will tie bi’s on the end of the workout. My main concern is overtraining. I have a small frame and overtraining will kill me. Do you consider the workput in my original post overtraining?