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Overtraining Before Vacation-Author?


Does anyone remember which author wrote the quick tip about overtraining before you go on vacation so that your body will rebound and make gains while you're on vacation? I thought it was CT, but google feels otherwise.

I manually looked through the quick tips, but I can't remember when the tip was up or the exact title so I haven't been able to locate it.


CT for sure it was in opne of his articles as well breif periods of over reaching and the rebound effect it can have etc.

Cant recall the exact article though. Maybe try his Locker Room thread.


I remember in the old MM2K that Poliquin had a routine specifically designed to overtrain you before you go on vacation for the exact same reason.

I dont remember CT quicktip, though.


I managed to find it. Here's my 1 week program to deliberatly overtrain and achieve the compensation effect while on vacation. What do you guys think?

Squats: 5x5, but shoot for weights where we'll fail around 3-4 reps and have spotter force last reps, then do a drop set of 10 reps. Under 1 minute rest if possible

Bench: Same as squat

Bent over row: Same as squat

Seated Miliary: Same as squat

Tricept extensions & Bicept curls: done in back to back supersets for 2 total sets of each. 15 reps each.


I also remember the article from MM2K. I think the splint went like this.
Mon: Chest/shoulders/tris
Wed: same as Monday
Thurs: same as tues
Fri: Same as Monday
Sat: Same as Tues.

I don't remember, but I think it was suggest you do this routine 7-10 days prior to vacation.


Steve Justa had a short blurb about this in "Rock Iron Steel". I believe he had mentioned using some 50 or 100 rep schemes. My book is gone, anyone have it?