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Overtraining and Recovering

I knew that I was overtraining a couple months ago, but since it was in the middle of a sport, I reduced as much as I could (lifting once maybe twice a week) so that I didnt have to totally quit for the rest of the season. Now, its been two weeks that I havent done anything at all, whats the most weeks that should be needed before starting up again?

How much sleep are you getting and what are you eating?

8 hours every night, I was eating over 4,000 cals, but without lifting im at about 2,500 now, including lots of fruits and veggies, good proteins, and healthy fats.

Hi, I’ve been training for 30 years(natural) and have overtrained a few times, here’s what works for me;

  1. Take off 5 to 7 days from the gym…NO WEIGHTS!!! but you can do abs, light cardio if you must go there.
  2. Do a 2 day split(Only 1 set per exercise), use about 80% of previous weights and about 80% intensity.Resist the urge to blast the muscles for next 5 days.
  3. Then resume previous training, but do SHORT and HARD training. I do about 6 sets only for each part(2 exercises,high intensity)Believe me, too many sets is counterproductive, if u can’t trigger growth with about 5 to 6 sets per part, your not training hard.(3 day split here)Each part is hit every 6 days)Let me know what you think…its been working great for me for 25+ years!!!

Usually a week is enough.

Many people need two weeks.

Rarely, some people need three.