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Overtraining and Prohormones


Every once in a while I get overambitious and dig myself in overtraining hole. I'm experienced enough to do it only rarely now but anyway it just happens when you are experimenting and/or seeing what your limits are.

I also have a few bottles of MAG-10 stockpiled from before ban in addition to some 1AD that I got when MAG-10 was no longer available but ban not quite in effect yet.

Now, I realize that the ideal way of using prohormones/prosteroids is to take them continuously for at least 2 weeks as directed in the form of a "cycle". However, particularly during times where I am desperate to get out of overtraining situation, I have often been very tempted to use them for much shorter periods too.

Is this really a bad idea? Would it really require continuous use for at least a week or something for my MAG-10 and 1AD to go into effect? Anyone ever had success with taking a prohormone for only a couple to few days in order to recover better from overtraining or something rather than doing an entire cycle?


Why are u so afraid to use pro hormones, there not bad for u


I am not afraid to use them at all. I love them. That is why I do not want to waste them by using them incorrectly


I have used both steroids and prohormones for the exact purpose you mention herein. To me by the way, prohormones ARE steroids.

With steroids and prohormones,for the typical hardcore weight trainer, the common line of thinking is to use greater than a minimum dosage for cycles instead of for occassional therapeutic uses.

The goals of those cycles however, differ from the goal you are trying to reach here; namely better recovery and getting back on track after a brief bout of overtraining.

I'm like you in that I occassionally go too nutso in the gym and burn myself out. Like you, I'm experienced enough now to avoid these times...but if you've been training for awhile it is almost inevitable that the overtraining buggaboo hits you periodically (you can't control the variables of optimal training, nutrition, sleep, etc all the time. And for some people like me, sometimes you can't control the drive to do more all the time).

When I am overtrained, the 1st thing I'm forced to do is reduce volume, frequency, and intensity (duh). Most of the time, this should be enough to get me out of the OT funk.

My experience with using small therapeutic dosages of roids however during this reduced volume and intensity time period have been overwhelming positive. I rebound back to normal in roughly half the time (or less) than I would if I had NOT used anything. I am a rigorous "training journal" record keeper and love to write everything down from my workouts, what I eat, how much I sleep, supplements taken, mood and general feel during the day, etc...and the data (at least for me) indicate a drastically reduced OT time.

I make sure that once I feel "back to normal", I immediately stop taking the roid. As I mentioned above, I don't go into these overtraining funks that often, and this means I've thankfully not had to resort to this protocol very often.

Also, everyone is different. What works for me definitely doesn't mean it will work for everyone.


Ok, thank you very much for all the info. I'm going to try it out. My one other concern though is that MAG-10 and 1AD have reputations for taking about a week to really start working. Do you happen to have experience with either one of these and have an opinion of how great their efficacy would be if taken for only a few days? I mean, if for the first few days they are just going to be getting filtered out by the liver or something, then I guess there is no point in taking them for just a few days.

However, if all the stuff you here about how prohormones need to build up in the system for a while before they really start working isnt really the case with these two, then I definately need to try it out. I just dont want to waste them, only have like 4 bottles left total.


I think you might be misunderstanding something: it is true that if you don't frontload with an anabolic, don't use a a high enough dosage, it will take time for you to notice the "EXPECTED" effect from a GAINING type of cycle. Like I wrote above, most uses of anabolics by weight trainers are for the single purpose of accelerating gains.

If I understood you correctly, you were just trying to get out of the overtraining funk. As I indicated above, in my opinion, use of anabolics, whether they be traditionally recognized steroids or steroids seen as "supplements" by many (prohormones)in smaller therapeutic dosages are fine for this purpose. But if one thinks great gains in size and strength will result from this protocol, then one will be hugely disappointed. HUGELY disappointed.

MAG-10 and 4-ADEC by Biotest were formulated to bypass the liver breakdown and be effective at the dosages written in the instructions. I have not used MAG-10 for the purpose of helping me out of some overtraining symptoms, but I have used 4-ADEC. What I found effective for me was 3 caps a day for a short period of time. This is half the suggested label dosage but again, keep in mind your goal here. And keep in mind that my body reacts differently perhaps than others.