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Overtraining and Diet While on Cycle


You just Got good advice from people and the only thing you said is : i feel like my diet is on point… Your eating 3 fucking steak with rice and carrot per day and a bowl of oatmeal come on man


Should I be eating more less what’s your advise I’m consuming 3000+calories a day and my diet does have more in it then I mentioned that’s just the main portion of my meals I do eat chicken and fish sometimes to switch it up but mainly red meat cause that’s what I like and I feel like I get the most from


I was on a stricktly carnivore diet for 50 days befor I started my cycle I just added in carbs again for my cycle to get more out of it. I’m very Good at sticking to diets if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it I like the results I’m getting from my current diet but I’m always open to new things you gotta understand as a guy who’s new to being on a cycle there are more questions then answers and if your goal is to help people putting them down cause you feel they are wrong dosnt help anyone but you and your own ego so if you have any actual advice I’d love to hear it.