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Overtraining and Diet While on Cycle

I usually go to the gym 6 days a week for 2 hour at a time I feel Iv been overtraining.
I’m going to start a new routine where I go 3 days 1 day off 2 days 1 day off I’m going to shorten the workout time aswell to 1 hour I’m curious what you guys think of this should I stick with 6 days of 2 hour workouts or 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off of 1 hour workouts I’m on eq 500mg and test 500mg per week I’m 4 weeks in I workout very hard my goal is to get bigger and leaner I’m not so much concerned with strength as I am with how I look. I’m very strict with diet aswell i eat 1 steak 1.5 cups rice and a handful of carrots 3 times a day I also eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning iv been doing this for 2 years straight.
Your thoughts are much appreciated

you just eat that and thats it ? 1 steak with rice and carrot 3 times a day and a bowl of oatmeal …?? nothing more ??

I’m no expert, but this sounds like MASSIVE overtraining. Based on everything I have read, after 45 minutes your cortisol levels start to spike, and you reach a point of diminishing returns. Also, the rule of thumb that I have read is that you never workout seriously more than 2 days in a row. You have a lot better recovery on gear, but I still think 6 out of seven days is excessive. I also have noticed that when I skip rest days, I end up just going through the motions as I am over trained and exhausted.

I would suggest 4 days a week (two days on, one off), 45 minutes each session working out BALLS OUT HARD. Mix in cardio and other light activities (I started doing yoga to improve functional strength and flexibility) on your “rest” days to stay active.

You say you eat clean, but is your diet really conducive to building a chiseled physique? From your description it really isn’t, you should be eating at least 1gram of protein per pound of body weight, very limited carbs, and enough healthy fats. Your also likely not counting calories, which is required to go from medicre results to good results.

3 1 pound steaks a day that’s it sometimes I get hungrier and eat 2 for dinner

You SHOULD increase your calorie wayyyyy more !! and do what TB40 just told you

There is 115 grams of protein in 1 pound of steak I’m eating 3 pounds per day that’s 345 grams of protein thsts not enough.
And I counted calories for a long time and then I was just able to eye it from weighing it every single time I eat about 3000 calories a day

So the steak is for protein and the rice and oats are for carbs I guess the carrots to not sure why thats a choice. Where are your good fats? Good fats controls the rate your body motabilizes your carbs and protein. IMO your diet and workout needs a major overhaul.

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3 pounds of steak per day for 2 years? Bro your intestines are probably all fucked up.

Oh yah and if you can train for more than a hour on a muscle group your training is garbage

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As far as the over training thing I never feel over trained I’m always able to push the weight no problem Iv had no issues as far as sleep or feeling overly tired or overly sore in the beginning I was sore all the time but iv gotten used to it but I do feel I’m going overboard I think I’d benifit from more rest and shorter gym sessions

I train 2 muscle groups at a time
I do
chest tricep
Back biceps
Legs and abs
Shoulders and traps
And it’s a very intense workout the main reason I’m there for 2 hours is I do cardio and sit in the sauna every workout

Carrots for for the fiber to help me take a shit easier lol

The steak has a lot of fat in it I also eat nuts in my oatmeal and I have an avacado with my steak for dinner
Iv also taken fish oil every day for years
What would you suggest I incorporate or eliminate I’m 5 10 190lbs 10% body fat

So you do cardio and sauna that must take up the second hour. In which case your training might be fine.

I hope you take a lot more than fish oil if that’s all your eating

I also take a one a day for men 1000mg vitamin c and a vitamin b12 I do eat some sort of fruit once a day.
And I have 1 cheat meal a week sometimes not for 2 weeks.

I feel like my diet is on point if you ask me plenty of protein plenty of fats and plenty of fiber I’m trying to bulk up I’m not trying to get smaller 300 grams of protein for 190 pound guy sounds almost overkill.

Well if your training hard 6 days a week (I do the same altho im in and out of gym within 45 mins an hour max) you probably need more than 3000 cal/day… For me that’s below maintenance. For me to bulk I take in about 4000-4500 a day. Altho I’m a bit taller and heavier than you but your body fat is lower than mine so it probably evens out.

Run through proven programs off this site and you will blow up on gear.
Start off with something like this for few weeks to recover …

then try out some Paul Carter templates…

Diet: eat some damn greens and colourful vegetables!


The fat on steak is not good fat but we are getting a better picture of your diet and what is happening at the gym. It is sounding much better than you first discribed. I workout 5 day a week and also spend 90 to 120 minutes which include sauna sun and swimming. My muscle groups are also very simular and I never feel over worked. Although some days I have to use my gymbag shoulder strap because i can’t carry my bag out with my arm.

On gear well for me that is a blast from my TRT dose of 120mg/wk to 300-400/wk for 12 weeks no other aas but I do peptides and sarms. I don’t do a PCT but I do use anastrozole to get my E2 back in range post blast. I never really feel any stronger for the first 4 weeks I do get a better pump after the first week. So I usually wait until if feel stronger before pushing it. Then I pretty much do the same workout but I up the weigh, sometimes a lot, and maybe add an additional set.

The best way to tell if things are working is are you growing? When you step out of the shower and your wife or SO says holy F gorilla man I just grin and drag her ass to the bedroom to thank her properly for the complement. haha
Good luck


dude your diet suck ! you don’t know what your doing and your using gear

Tired to see that kind of shitty post

Do you have advise or do you just go on here to put people down
I’m making great progress I’m getting leaner bigger and stronger is there something I’m missing?