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Overtraining and Andro++

OK, Fun question for everyone who thinks they might have an
idea of the correct answer… Question is at the end of the
client summary hehe. The client is progressing on a basic
diet and training (aka six meals consisting of one gram of
protein per pound of body weight and another gram per
pound of mass for carbs and half a gram of fat per pound of
mass.) He weighs 265 lbs and is 31 years old. Training three
to four days a week with three sets of three to five reps (5 to
7 second reps strict) each and three exercises per body part
total body once the whole week. Most sets done to failure.
Almost no cardio except biking sprints for up to 3 min twice a
week. Heavy experience as in 17 years +/- on and off but still
progressing slowly. The question now is how much could he
increase his training number of days or volume or both while
on tribex 4 capsules twice a day and 70 sprays of androsol
twice a day. Now assume he takes base supplements as
everyone else should, multi, fish oils, vit c 2k, ZMA, MD6,
powerdrive, water 1 gallon + daily ect.

Forget trying to speed recovery-4 days per week is enough-my results get better with maximum recovery—BUT, everyone is different.You MUST be training for strength-3-5 reps? Should be 5sets X 3-4reps or maybe more.Even pure strength enthusiests should do 2-3 X 8-12 about 25% of the time! Recovery-- are you stretching,very light cardio after w/o,contrasting showers,at least 8 hours of sleep EVERY night? Good luck!