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Overtrainig Upper Body

I started lifting about 6 months ago, I’m in a wheel chair and I am worried about overtrainig my upper body because it never gets to rest I usually work out 3 days a week monday thursday and saturday I do heavy workouts on monday and saturday and lighter on thursday,

and I dont seem to be getting anywhere, ive already had a few joint problems in my wrist and if they go im pretty much immobilized, so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me get bigger with out overtraining or more joint problems

PM 4est - he may have some suggestions for you. Check out his profile.

It’s going to depend on your nutritional program and the type of training program you are following.

You can train upper body three times per week. But you will need to train correctly in order to handle the frequent training by varying intensity and exercise selection.

Can you tell us your stats, what you’re eating, and what type of workout you are following? Is this a short-term injury or permanent? Are you paralyzed from the waist and below or just your lower legs, etc.?

im 6 ft and weigh 137 lbs, its permantent i have some leg movement but not enough to work them out,
on mondays i usually do bench press, incline, preacher bench curl, pull ups and dips,

Thursday i do body weight exercises, pull ups and dips weighted pushups

And Saturdays i repeat monday’s, but add in tricep push ups, and abs

I dont eat like i should, which is my main problem, its a little diffcult seeing how im on a fixed income, I usually eat 3 eggs at lunch and a bunch of fruit through out the day, and a large supper.

Fixing your diet will be key to your recovery and muscular gains.

As for the training, you may be doing a little too much and not able to recover fast enough.

I would recommend using a template similar to Westside for Skinny Bastards:


One idea would be to have a max-effort day where you focus on a pressing movement for low reps and high weight followed by some assistance lifts for the bench, back, shoulders and arms.

The next day could be a dynamic day where you work on some explosive lifting using plyometrics like med ball throws against a wall or to a partner or some light but explosive benches along with some assistance lifts for arms and shoulders.

The third day could be a repetition-based day where you can use more bodyweight exercises and work your chest, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps.

You may want to ask Joe Defranco this question on the Elite FTS site (www.elitefts.com). He’s good about responding to questions within 2-3 days, and I’m sure he could give you some good ideas on how to structure your training.

I’ll respond this weekend - Nyquil and sleep are beckoning me now.