overtrained or starting in the wrong place?

Hey guys/gals…last week i started Meltdown training in an effort to kick my butt back into gear and hopefully shed some pounds in the process. I’ve read that a strength phase is best before Meltdown but I jumped in anyway … and on top of it i hadn’t been in the gym in a couple months. so i wasn’t what you’d call best prepared.

Anyway, after the first week i felt really overtrained. just worn out and tired. had to take a couple days break to get my energy back. should i take a step back and perhaps do a 5x5 strength phase w/ maybe some running man for better conditioning? i love meltdown but its kicking my ass (yeah i know thats the point :wink:

or am i being a big wuss and should i stick with meltdown…did any of you guys feel overtrained thru the most of the week? i know its a 4wk program but being weak all the time sorta sucks.

Did you drastically cut your calories and are you taking surge or similiar product during/after training? Also what is your current bodyfat %?

female, 5’8, 180…would like to get back down to 155…not sure of my bodyfat %.

not taking surge but i’m thinking of buying a tub this weekend. i just wasn’t recovering at all from my workouts last week.

Stick with heavy weights and running man.

I tried meltdown a long time ago when it was first published and I felt like shit all the way through. I lost a ton of strength too… that shit sucked.

My wife had no results with meltdown as well. Everyone is different but we both see better results with heavy weights with rep ranges like 5x5 or 8x3 and high intensity cardio.

Get the surge, it will help with proper nutrion and recovery post workout no matter what routine you choose.