Overthinking My Future First Cycle

Hi guys,

I posted in this forum not long ago looking for advice on my future first cycle.

As this cycle is very me likely to occur in August/September, I still have time to make up my mind on the best for my goals.

Problem is that I am overthinking it, I read a lot and I haven’t made up my mind yet!

Initially, I wanted to stack Test E 300mg/week for 12 weeks and add Tbol from Week 6.

Now I am more on the idea to Stack Test E 300mg/week with EQ 300mg/week for 12 weeks.

Between the two above cycle, readings make me think that Tbol, on top of being an oral, won’t bring me as good results as EQ in terms of aesthetics.

Though, I want as less as water as possible so Wet compounds won’t probably an option in your suggestions.

The goals are:

  • keep my leaness as much as I can

  • smartly increase and monitor calories intake on cycle to benefit both from the protein synthesis increase and fat burner increase of the compouds

  • start cycling with low and reasonable dosage to potentially push little by little from cycles to cycles if I want to in the future.

  • most and foremost, sustainable gain to avoid losing much once off cycle.

From your experience, and keeping my goals in mind, what would be the suitable cycle?

I just don’t want to cycle Test on its own as I believe I would really better benefit from a stack.

As I know you’ll ask again, here is a picture of my current self.


Thanks a lot in advance!


For your first cycle you should be doing test only and maybe adding in an oral at the end if you plateau on your lifts. My first cycle was test at 500mg/wk. Pretty standard.


The Test / Tbol stack makes more sense for a first cycle than Test / EQ.

The issues you will have with EQ are mostly due to it’s long ester. It will take awhile to ramp up, and it will take awhile to clear out. 12 weeks is pretty short for EQ. Typical is 16-20 weeks. But then you also need to wait longer to start PCT since is takes longer to clear.

The dose is also pretty low for EQ. I don’t think it is too low to be effective, but I think you’d want to run it longer at that dose (closer to 20 weeks).

If it was me, I’d bump the Test up slightly (400 mg/wk). Then finish the cycle with Tbol (20-40 mg/day).

You could also run the Tbol into the bridge before PCT as it clears quickly (~2 days).


Agreed 100%. Everything @mnben87 stated about ester length and PCT with EQ is accurate and not desirable for this situation.


Thank you for your replies.

Indeed, the point about the longer to clearance time for EQ is something I read.

Still I thought the gains would be better than Tbol.

I like the idea about starting Tbol at week 7,5 to be off at almost PCT time week 14.

The only thing about Tbol compared to EQ is that I seem to find more controversial posts on the internet about its effectiveness.

Indeed, it very seems to be effective for endurance and pumps rather than before building muscles.

Do you have any personal experience on Tbol?

I’ve used it a few times. It’s a great compound later in the cycle if you plateau. That is how I have used it. You could also use it at the start while the test is reaching full saturation to make the most out of the first half of the cycle. I would typically use Dbol for this but Tbol would workgood as well.
I may even do this next cycle.

Alright, thanks for sharing your experience.

I might go for the later stage of the cycle option if I ever follow this cycle.

Simply because I can wait to see the gain, I don’t need a kickstart and I think I’ll also get an extra boost mid cycle by the fact I am adding something that will push the gains :slight_smile:

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Tbol for me was good for performance. Especially for strength endurance. I could get an extra rep or two while on it, and that was after being on highish Test for like 3 months. It seemed consistent week to week too.

It seems like it is good for progressing in the gym by actually getting stronger over time. It doesn’t magically put on size like some compounds. It is more like natural gains, but faster.

Thanks for sharing.

It tends to be in line with what I could read here and there about Tbol.

I think I’ll give it a go guys, I will make gains in any case stacking Test & Tbol, I don’t worry too much.

Assuming I’ll run the proper PCT, which I will do as well as keep my consistent workouts and diet off cycle; can I expect keeping most of the gains or there’s no way I can avoid them disappear over time?

Don’t worry about trying to lose too much weight. Try to maintain whatever body fat you have now and put on muscle. Steroids are good for retaining muscle but honestly for most people that use them they don’t lose enough weight to matter. So you should just stick to the muscle building side of them. Save them muscle wasting side for the pre-contest competition guys.