Overspeed Training and CNS Stress

Years ago I could workout all day, do cardio, do sports drills, and go play a game of basketball or baseball and still recover. I am now 40… I still workout 5 days a week and do about 4 hours of cardio a week. My question is how taxing is overspeed training on your CNS and should I change my training?

I still play in a hardball men’s baseball league and am a competitive golfer. I have started incorporating superspeed training into my workouts to increase my bat/club speed back to where it was in my 20’s. This program has you do all out swings with a club that is 10 percent lighter than a normal club… then 5 percent lighter and 5 percent heavier. I do 5 sets of 5 balls to the wall swings… right handed and then left handed. so each set has 30 swings for 150 swings overall. I do this 3 times a week.

If it is taxing, probably higher Vitamin C and a higher level of essential fatty acids would help.