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Does oversleeping for 10-12 hrs hurt your body?

Is my body telling me I'm over training?

Im going to go to Wal-Mart and buy Tylenol 3, ( sleeping aid pills )? Has anyone taken them, and will they hurt my body in anyway?


How old are you? Age has much to do with how long you will sleep.

And if you are sleeping 10-12 hours a day, why would you get sleeping aid pills to help you sleep more? That doesn't make sence.

I'd say that when overtrained, you tend to have problems sleeping. But how would we know if you are overtrained if you haven't told us anything about your stats, your training or your nutrition?


For what it's worth, if I overtrain I usually have problems waking up and generally feel sluggish all day. In fact, I'm suffering from it right now :frowning: But, I was training hard last three weeks so I pretty much expected something like that. I lowered the volume significantly this week and I will probably unload next week too. Eating a ton and drinking lots and lots of water makes me feel better :slight_smile:


When I'm overtraining, I usually wake up early in the morning with no alarm. When I sleep WELL, I usually have a hard time getting out of bed. The answer, get up. Get some food.


I read a study stating that oversleeping can be as harmful as not getting enough sleep, although I'll be damned if I can remember where. I suggest using google.


if you're sleeping 11-12 hrs with hard
training, you're probally getting
enough sleep. and the tyenol 3 is
a pain medication not sleep medication
it's tyenol pm, but why would you need
that for sleep for when your're sleeping 11-12 hrs?



I've always believed that if you aren't tired, you won't sleep. Sleeping too much just doesn't make sense to me. How can you fall asleep if you're not tired? I never worry about getting too much sleep, I worry about not getting enough sleep.


Oh man doesn't everyone love to lie when they don't have to get up? I get about 8-9 hrs a night, more like 10-11 when I dont have to get up. One time it was like 20 but that was some hangover.


I meant tylenol pm, the reason why I would get that is because I think my sleeping is messed up, typically I would want to go to sleep like at 9-12 p.m but I usually go to sleep like 4-5 a.m.....
And I am 18 yrs old, and I do training is pretty hard.....


Before messing with crap like that which has definite unwanted side-effects, why not try taking melatonin a half hour to hour before you want to go to sleep?


Next time you go to bed at 4am, get up at 7am even if you're tired. You'll probably be able to fall asleep at a normal hour that night. Punk ass kids sleeping all day....


Ha, my step brother had that same problem, so to get himself on the right schedule, at 11 pm he took a shitload of nyquill and smoked a big joint...unfortunately he woke up again at 11 pm.


I was never allowed to do this in my parents house. 10 hours of sleep after going to bed at 4am? So you get to sleep until mid afternoon and no one says shit? Further, you are complaining?


Bro, when I was 14-18, I had no problem sleeping 10-12 hours a day! At that age, you need that kind of sleep. However, fucking up your sleep patterns by going to bed after midnight can affect you negatively.

The saying goes, "An hour before midnight is worth two after."

Meaning: Get your ass to bed earlier and get some good rest.


A few years back, I used to stay out all night, and go to bed at around 8 or 9 am, wake up around 5pm, go to work, and repeat. The only way I was able to get myself back in schedule was to not sleep a full day. It took a few tries, and months of terrible sleep, but I eventually got it back to normal. I will never, ever mess up my sleep like that again.


FYI, tylenol in excessive dosages, or mixed with alcohol can cause liver damage.
As far as that much harming your body, well sort of... First of, look at the underlying conditions of why you sleep so much, or can't fall asleep. Stress, depression, a medical condition could all be causes of sleep difficulty.
Sleeping that much can effect your bodybuilding efforts. One, you burn less calories sleeping, making it easier to be fat. Two, you can't eat while sleeping (I can't anyway), so you are going ten-twelve hours without feeding.
Depression leads to laziness, laziness leads to depression. Catch yourself now, before you fall deep into a slump.


It HELPS your body. However, if you need an alarm to wake up, you're not getting enough quality sleep. I use an alarm, but almost always wake up a few mins before it goes off..