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Oversleeping and Tired


I have been sleeping 12 hours a night on a regular basis recently, and still wake up tired. This cuts into my time, and I feel drowsy through the day. Can anyone tell me the reason for this, or should I go see a doctor?



Maybe you just waking up at a weird time in your cycle.


Damn 12 hours that's crazy!

I'm totally the opposite, its hard for me to get 7-8hrs a night (5-7 avg hrs). I'm a light sleeper and any slight noise can wake me up, then it takes me forever to fall back asleep.


Why are you sleeping for 12 hours? Are you depressed?

Low blood sugar could be part of the reason. Or, you were on a coke and meth bender for a week. Nobody NEEDS 12 hours of sleep on a regular basis. The only exceptions would be if you were sick or sleep deprived for an extended period of time. And even then, a couple of days at the most would be all that you'd need.

I could be wrong.


Could be any number of things--- you could be waking up at a weird time in your sleep cycle, you could be just not hitting that deep restorative part of the cycle, you could be deficient in some vitamins/minerals, you could be eating like shit (yeah, that hurts), could be low test, could be a lot of things.


yea, you'll break out of it, just change ur nutrition, better diet, dont eat a couple hours before you fall asleep. Look into sleep vitamins, like GABA, or valerin(sp?) root, anything natural, sleeping pills just surpress those feelings so try to avoid those. Good luck man


The cheapest and most effective remedial: Some ZMA, Jerk it off and go to sleep. Guaranteed you'll hit that sleep sweet spot. If you got problems/a stressful job/bad diet etc it would effect your sleep patterns anyway.


If you actually are sleeping 12 hours, or close to that every night, then your body is most likely under some kind of stress.

Sometimes I sleep 12 hours a couple nights in a row because I work 3rd shift the three nights before and my body is just trying to catch up. That would be the stress that is causing my body to sleep that long.

So basically you should try to find the stress, be it physical or mental, that is causing you to sleep for so long. If you can't find it, then yeah, it might be something wrong with your diet or an indication of a more serious/sinister problem.


DBol ??


Same here. I sleep with earplugs, but I still have trouble with excessive noise.

I sleep about 4-5 hours a night. 6-7 if I am hungover or don't have shit to do that day. I haven't slept a full 8 hours or more since I was a teen. It's like my body simply won't allow me to sleep anymore than that.

Occasionally I get week-long bouts of insomnia where I sleep about 15 hours the whole week. That shit fucking sucks. When you are sleep deprived like that, being awake feels like a dream.


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When I got my first of four concussions, I had insomnia for two weeks where I got about 5 hours of sleep over the two weeks. I dropped a shitload of pounds, couldn't hold down food, and migranes, and refused to go to the hospital because I don't like the meds they gave me for the concussion, so I just was a zombie for two weeks until my body finally gave up and I passed out.

The whole time my body was so tired but my brain kept firing so I was nearly impossible for me to fall asleep. The bad part about it was I was sitting in my computer chair trying to get some make-up work done for school, and I got dizzy and passed out cold. Right to the corner of my bed then to the ground. Gave myself another consussion, along with a factured skull, and a sprained neck.

I could move for weeks. Luckily someone was home when it happened or who knows what would have happened to me. So I make sure that whatever sleep my body needs, I give it to it, without fighting sleep.

Whenever I'm sleepy, I sleep, where ever I am. Once pulled over to a gas station to sleep. I'm not taking any chances anymore, The consequences are to severe for me.


Get your thyroid levels checked.

When this was my problem, I ended up with cancer. I was sleeping any chance I got, luckily I went to an easy high school where if you showed up you got A's.

I don't mean to scare you, but it is a possibility.


damn 12 hours, lol thats a lot!

I now get to sleep more after a whole year of high school getting an average of 4-5 hours.
Now Im now in summer and get 6-9 hours, but 12 sounds to much.

I also wake up some days feeling lazy and its because I slept to much - (10 hours max)
In School a couple of times I only got 3 hours of sleep and woke up WIDE awake!, Strange.


I think it's depression man. If you aren't noticing mood changes or anxiety, but only physical feelings of tiredness, it's likely dopamine related. Modafinil might be a good choice.


Being drowsy cuts into your time? I would say that sleeping 12 hours a day is cutting into your time. Those are extra hours you could be out enjoying your life.


OP: can you get up when you need to, like if you have social or work plans? In my personal experience and from watching my college aged friends, if that's the pattern it's just that they're depressed or unfulfilled with life. Start living rigt; give yourself a reason to get uo every day.


Hormone levels,test,thyroid, etc.

Most likely causes.


Dude, get up and go. It's in your head and you;re falling into laziness.


Your body adapts and becomes very good at what you practice the most. In this case sleeping.


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