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Overshot the Arimidex?


On my first (mini) cycle 400mg pharm grade test cyp, and I’ve been taking .5mg of adex 24hrs after each injection (I dose 200mg Mon and Thurs).

I’m currently 5 doses into this protocol.

Experiencing weak erections, and achy/poppy joints. Yet libido is still super high.

My Estradiol typically runs low (mid 20’s on 100mg of test per week without an AI–my TRT protocol).

Think I’d be safe to cut it out entirely (and reintroduce if I get symptoms), or better off cutting back to .25mg after each shot?

Thanks for the advice!


We all know the importance of adex,I would do .25mg and then see how I feel if the problem is still there then drop it off!

Maybe some blood work to see your current stats?