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Hey Coach Defranco,

First of all I love your webiste and artciles!

Secondly, I was just curious about your thoughts on overshooting, especially for the “repitition” days?

I find that the weight feels lighter for the first bit, then I fatigue sooner. Also, it takes me a few reps to get the proper “groove” of the exercise.
I have tried going up to different percentages to “overshoot” but I was curious if you found optimal ones that hold true to most athletes. Lastly, can oevrshooting, if done properly, be beneficial to the repition method, or is it not very usefull?

Any comments are appreciated greatly, thanks again for all the wonderfull info and hard work!!!


I forgot to put this in the earlier post, but would this also be usefull to attain a new 3-5 rep max on ME day? For example, I “overshoot” with one rep sets, then to attain my 3-5 rep max I go a bit lighter?
Or does this just contradict the main premise of ME day to an extent?

Thanks in advance,