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Overshift the Extreme, Max the Envelope and so on

Hey everyone, new to the forums, but a long time lurker. Bit about me, training for roughly 3 years. Basically since entering university I started to see good gains and just kept on with it.

I am 20 years old, 5’9 and 201 pounds (weighed myself this morning after the workout). Will try and get some pics up this weekend when I go home for thanksgiving.

Some recent prs of mine:
Dead 495 thanks to the coan/phillipe program, which I ran this past summer.
Bench 330
Squat 405. In the past I have messed up my hip and knee with poor squating form. SO i’ve had to keep the weight down a bit and focus on form a bit more. I did 315 for 15 or so a couple of weeks ago.

Right now focusing on my bench doing the basics of the Coan Bench routine, trying to get it to 370 by beginning of December

Latest workout (this morning)
Chest (coan percentages/exercises) and Shoulders
Bench 270 2x5
CG Bench 240 2x5
Incline Bench 220 2x5
partial lat raises 65 3x25
Lat Raises 30 3x12
Rear delt raises/rear delt rows (kind of a combo thing) 55 2x12, 1x10

Will be reporting in tomorrow after a back workout.

Just got back fromt he gym. Had an alright back workout.

Underhand BB Rows 290x3 315x 5,5
DB Rows (straps) 130x20
Hammer Grip Pulldowns 195x6,6,6,6
Wide Cable High Rows 125x 10,10,10

Some notes on the workout:
First time I’ve ever rowed 315, felt really good. DB Rows were hard but loved them. I find with the hammer grip pulldowns I can connect with my lats a lot better throughout the motion, anyone else find that? And then the high rows just really focused on squeezing my upper back/traps.

Legs tomorrow, gonna see how the squat is doing. Last week I put it last in my workout, but I’m gonna try it first and see how heavy I can get it up without my hip or knee acting up.

Just got back from the gym, leg day. No prs or anything, but I was sweating like a beast and felt like it was a decent workout:

Deads 455x3,2,1
Squats 365x4 315x 10,8. The squats sucked today, probably should have warmed up my knees a bit more.
Hack squats 3ppsx 10,10,10,10 First time ever doing close stance hacks, could really feel it in the quads
Lying Leg curl 150x 12, 10, 8 drop did 120x15 partials
Leg Ext 175x15 drop 155x10 drop 135x10 drop 115x8. Could not do another rep after that.

wanted to get 455 3x3 on deads, but my back was not feeling it
squats sucked, just gotta keep on truckin,

Anyway light chest and arms tomorrow. Gonna make a pizza and some ground chicken right now.

Arm day! (and light chest day lol)

BB Bench 205x 10,10 basically its gonna be that for another couple weeks, thats what the percentages are telling me, only like 1 pound increases so i will just jump up 5 pounds probs in a couple weeks
HS Dips 6 plates+25 x 12, 12, 10
DB Curl 65 x 7, 6, 4
Cable Tri Ext 70x 14, 10
Pin Curls 70x 10, 8
1 arm Overhead Tri Ext (OHT from now on) 60x12, 10
BB EZ curl 110x 12, 10

Nothing special about it, just nice and quick. No matter what I do at the gym I always seem to sweat too much (hyperhydrosis anyone?) Anyway, I will try and get my buddy to snap a couple pics this weekend cause he has a pretty sweet camera, but if not I’ll just get some cellphone pics up sometime soon. Happy early Canadian Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy those turkeys!

Hey, back from thanksgiving, ate lots of turkey and potatoes, was delicious. Had to tweak monday’s workout, so it was only chest.
Monday Chest:
Bench 285x5,5
CG Bench 255 x5,5
Guillotine Press 135x12,12

Could not do incline, as I only have a bench setup at home

Todays workout, back to the normal gym at my University
OHP 215 4x4
Standing Partial Lat raise 80x25, 20, 20
ss w DB Lat Raise 35x12,8 25 x10
Rear Delt cheat raise (new name for it) 60x10,10,8

Shoulders were really pumped and tired. Felt great.
Will be getting some pics up shortly, just waiting for the email from my GF. They are not the best pics, but I guess they will just make the progress pics look that much better. Working back tomorrow. Time to eat some more potatoes.

Back Workout today:
BB underhand Row 315 5x5
DB Row (straps) 130x22
Pullup BW x 8,6,5,6
Kneeling Cable Pullover 50x 12, 12,10
Facepulls 35x 20,20,20

BB rows felt good, not strict like a pendlay, there is some body english helping. db rows were pretty easy today, wish they went higher than 130s. Was pretty gassed by the pullups, and the pullovers and facepulls were just some higher rep finishers, really focusing on the squeeze.

Chest and arms tomorrow. Still waiting for the email with the pics. If she doesn’t send it soon I’ll just snap some cellphone ones. Time for another pizza, my favourite post workout meal :slight_smile:

Chest and Arms today:
BBBench 225x10,10 (not the exact percentages, but it was a breeze)
HS Dips 7plates x 11,10,7
DB Curl 65x 8,6,5
Cable Tricep Pushdown 75x12, 10
PinCurl 75 x 8,6
DB OH Tri Ext 60x 12, 10
Ez Curl 110x 12, 10+3

Nothng special, didn’t do the recommended bench weight. DB curls felt really heavy today, just gotta keep on trucking.

Leg and deadlift day boys and girls.
Deads 455x3,3,1 felt like i was gonna poop the pants on the last set there so i cut it short lolz
Squat 315x10,9,8,5
Leg Curl RP 160x10+5+3
Hack Squat 3ppsx12,12,12
Leg Ext RP 180x10+5+3

Definately going to change my split up a bit regarding legs. The new one is going to be
Mon: Coan Bench
Tue: Shoulders
Wed: Back and Hams (going to follow the exercises on the coan phillipe dead program, but just take it easy)
Thu: Arms and Light chest
Fri: Quads

I feel like I’ll be able to get more out of my Squats this way. My deadlift is farther ahead than everything else so I am going to take it easy on it, plus I liked pairing back and hams on the dead program so it should go well. For quads I think I am going to try out the one livespill that wendler did a week or two ago that takes it easy on the percentages but then you do lots of high rep volume. IDK, we will see.

As far as the pictures go, I do not think my gf is gonna send them so I will snap some cellphone pics and put them up asap, do not want anyone thinking I am some 140 pound newb.

Got up early for a chest workout.

BBBench 295x 5,5
cgbench 260x 5,5
Incline BB 240X 5,5
Standing Calf stack x15,10,9 (did a full stretch and the double pop that akuma has been talking about)
Side Bends 100x 15,12

295 was feeling lighter than I have ever done before, so this coan approach must be working. Shoulders tomorrow, out for now.

OHP 225 3x3
B1 Partial Lat raise (no straps) 80X 25,20,25
B2 Lat raise 30x12,12,12
Rlat raise/delt row 60x 12, 10, 8
Donkey Calf Machine Stackx 7,6,5, 4+2

I felt a much better mind muscle connection doing the partial lat raises without the straps today, will be doing that for future sessions. Definately needed to warm up more for the shoulder press, think I tweaked the area that ties into my pec, will be stretcing it plenty. Quick workout, in and out in about 35 minutes, possibly less.

Back/dead/hams workout today:
pre workout i took 400mg caffeine, 3 ephedrine pills, and 2 81mg aspirins. Lets just say I was off my rocker with energy

Deads 475x2 405 3x3
power shrugs 315 4x5 (reallllllly light, but was just focusing on the explosiveness)
BB Rows 225x10,9,8
Lat Pulldown 165x12,10,8+8 partials
Leg Curl 170X 12+6+3 RP
Good Morning 135x 12,12,12 (lowered nice and slow and explosive up)

Great workout, no prs or anything, but was just really enjoying it with all the energy I had.

Got the pictures. Blocking out the face and a couple tats for now. Not the greatest pictures either, the lighting is kind of weird, makes me look fatter than I actually am.

Light chest and Arms
BBBench 225 x10,10
HS Dips 8plates x8,7,6
DB Curl 60x10,8,6
Cable Tri Ext 75x20,15
Pin Curl 75x10,8
Overhead Cable Tri Ext 100x 12,10
BBEz Curl 110x15, 10+5

Really good pump, sweating buckets.
On a side note was watching Bigger, Faster, Stronger last night, and IDK about you guys but it definately makes me want to get some “help” when I am older. Not right now seeing as I am at the peak of my hormones, but when I am 30/40. Just a thought, hopefully by then the government gets smart and makes it less of a crime. Just rambling, everyone lift hard and heavy.


Squat 320 x14
225 5x10
donkey Calf stack x9,7,6+3

Went as deep as possible on the squats, felt super dooper good. Now pizza and the night awaits. Have a good weekend everybody.

Bench Day:
BBBench 305 x3,3
CGBench 270 x3,3
Incline 250 x3,3
Standing Calf stack x 17, 12, 10 (full stretch, double pop)
Side Bends 100x 15,15,12

Felt like crap when I woke up, but as soon as I got into the gym I woke up a bit. 305 not light, but the best its ever felt. Had some epic nachos this saturday, don’t think I have ever ate so much. This morning I weighed 208 so slowly but surely getting up there.

Shoulders Day:
OHP 225x 5,3,3
Lateral Raise 50x 10,8
Bent Laterals 50x15,12,12
Cable Laterals 20kgx10 12.5kgx 15,15

OHP really strained my front delt/peck tie in again, definately going to have a little bit of a deload next week for shoulders. Other than that, just the same old same old.

Dead 480x2
Power Shrug 365 4x5
BB Underhand ROw 225 3x10
Lat Pulldown 180x 12, 10, 8
Seated Leg Curl 150x8+4+3 RP
Goodmornings 155 3x12

Deadlifts felt smooth, gonna keep pushing the weight until I cannot do 2 reps anymore. Sweating lots, and actually got one of my roommates out of bed to workout this morning with me(thats an accomplishment). Going to wake up early tomorrow, get a workout in, then fuckin Death From Above 1979 in Toronto. SOOOOO EXCITED!

Well, took two days off for the concert/midterms. Went in this morning an did my squat and my arms workout.
Squat 531: 245x3 300x3 340x3 225 5x10
Bench 225 2x10
HS Dips 8platesx 12
DB Curl 60x12
Cable tri Ext 75 4x10 (30 secs rest in between)
Pin Curls 80x10+3 RP

Was completely gassed after that, came home and made some delicious Canadian Bacon Sandwiches. Now another midterm at 4, yayyy

Bench Day:
BBBench 320x 3,3
CGBench 280x3,3
INcline Bench 260x3,3
Cable Crunch 130 4x15
Standing Calf Stackx 18,15,12

Felt alright today, need to get more sleep and gain a little more weight if I am going to make it to 370 by december.

Shoulder Day:
OHP 185x 8,8 (light, didn’t want to go heavy today)
Lateral Raise DB 50x 8,8 (same as last week, but way less sloppy)
Bent DB Raise 65x 8,6
Cable Laterals 30x 10,10,10
Donkey Calf stack x 10,9

Not the heaviest workout, feel like my shoulders need a break. Whenever I Overhead Press now, it really hurts afterwards, as if the bone is grinding.

But gotta go eat, study, and then one last midterm, yay!