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Overseas Security Contractor, 250k?


can this be true. I have seen this in the newspaper one time saying making 600 dollars an hour for overseas sucurity. Can someone explain why they make so much and how do you get in it. I found this site do not know the creditablity of the site but I do know that those are real jobs.http://www.civiliancontractorjobs.com/


C'mon now, bro. Any website of this xhtml format (one loooooooong page to fill with your bullshit) is a rip-off.

Whether it's acting, modelling or shooting civilians overseas, serious agencies will NEVER charge for membership or making a portfolio.


You can make that much if you are a trained operative. Like Ex SEAL, Green Beret etc. And what the previous guy said applies.


Ya I know the site is bullshit but that is a real job.How do you get into it?


Why doesn't everyone take the job?


the government has a way of overpaying private groups to do the same work that they can do themselves for a third of the price.

most if not all that are in that sector are ex-military, so they are already trained.

while i'm now getting outside of my lane, private security contracts LOVE ex spec ops guys. While i think the government is ridiculous for paying so much, all the ex-military guys probably deserve the pay boost.


sign your life away for 6-8 years, doing training that has a mortality rate so that you can do the same stuff when people want to kill you... while making less than minimum wage.

on the up side, i hear you get a great deal on life insurance.


The average joe is not able to join in that type of deal. Like someone said they look for ex special forces fbi cia anyone with special training that can be put to some good for them. And that 250k is going down a few years ago it was 250k for six months and certain teams got nice big bonus for certain things.


You get paid alot to get shot at with little or no support assets.


Ya I see your point. But when you say 6-8 years does that mean you do not see your familiy and freinds if you are far away? Do you have an Idea how they live during their jobs?


Because some people value their life, this is just another way to privatize war, so just in case the military ever says screw these stupid wars of nothing, the government can say "we don't need you we already have a giant mercenarie force."


This ^^^^

Plus if you dont have the background you are unemployable for this work. Some companies have lowered their standard (yet another reason not to contract) but they still require some sort of military or other law enforcement type training. You cant walk in off the street and expect to do this kind of work


Would you do it since you are already in the military anyway?


I am currently on an indefinite contract with the government that will take me to retirement. I have no interest in going to work for Blackwater, Triple Canopy, etc when I retire.
Besides....I dont want to get shot at knowing that I have no indirect fire, Medivac, or air assets at my disposal. Not to mention no medical/life insurance or retirement pension.


Thank you sjoconn for replying as you probably would be the most knowledgeable on the subject. If anyone wants to know what happens when the 'shit hits the fan' as a private operator, just look up Scott Helvenston. A SEAL who lost his life on a convoy mission as a contractor in Fallujah in 2004. His body and the bodies of his fellow contractors were dragged out of the wreckage, burnt and hung up. That's not how I wanna go out.


"A Lone Surivivor" by Marcus Luttrell was a really good read if you're interested in why back up is necessary.


I dont know if I am all that knowledgable. I have turned down some offers and have talked to a few that have done this work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing I want to get wrapped up in.


i dunno sjoconn. buddy of mine got brought on with blackwater before the name change.

2 year contracts.

2 months in country / 1 month in the states rotations


not to shabby if you ask me. you're right, no indirect fire and medivac and all that jazz, but you're not doing movement to contact missions or anything like that. executive security is pretty much the bread and butter.


What if you just decide to be overseas in japan or some other less risky place and still get paid good.


I know this is off topic but does any of you think that private contractors would only exist in the near future to fight thier own little battles instead of a big war? I read this in msn saying things that would happan in the future. What are your guys thought?