Overseas Job Urine Steroid Test

First time posting here, but I need expert advice. I doing contracting overseas as my primary income right now. Between jobs is usually when I run my cycles in order to allow me to run them correctly (or at least as correct as I know how to). Recently I received and offer to go back overseas for an amount I can’t pass up. I was informed that I will have blood work plus a urine steroid test (written exactly "blood draw+ urine steroids with a BEACON ORDER) and another 12-panel drug test.

Back in Jan a cycle of Anavar at 50mg ed for the first two weeks and then bumped it up to 100mg ed for the following weeks. Towards the end, I tampered off to 50mg ed for the last couple weeks and then finally I took one 50mg in the middle of the last week. Then started Letro and Nolvadex.

Looked like this (all orals)

Week 1: 50mg ed
Week 2: 50mg ed
Week 3: 100mg ed
Week 4: 100mg ed
Week 5: 100mg ed
Week 6: 100mg ed
Week 7: 50mg ed
Week 8: 50mg ed
Week 9: 1 x 50mg on Wednesday. Then started Letro.

My question is what are my chances that I will pass? I stopped Letro and Nolvadex to balance out my T/E ratio today. The test is in 5 days.

You should be ok for the gear but I believe nolvadex stays systemic for a while.

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Thanks for the response!

I’m not sure where my biggest concerns should lie. On either the var/letro showing up or my T/E ratio being too out of range. I have been off Anavar since the 12th of this month. I’ve seen varying answers on the detection time, but somewhere between 2-3 weeks depending on other influencing factors. Would my ratio be good or should I be doing something else?

To be honest you should be fine, if they raise any flags just find a doc to write a script. Pay him extra to back date it. Lol

So I reached out and got a copy of the list of everything they will be testing for. I gave it a look over and I didn’t notice the nolvadex or letro. Could I get a sanity check on it in case I’m missing something or does everything look passable? Thanks again for the help, been really stressing out over this.

It’s a long list, but maybe it’ll help someone in the future plan their cycles knowing this is what they test for.

1-Testosterone &/or Metabolite/ 1-Androstendiol/ 1-Androstendione
Nandrolone/ 19-Norandrostendione/ 19-Norandrostendiol Metabolite
Bolasterone Metabolite
Boldenone/ Boldione/ Quinbolone Metabolite
Calusterone Metabolite
Epitestosterone (> 200 ng/mL)
Clostebol Metabolite
Danazol/ Ethisterone &/or Metabolite
Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone (DHCMT) Metabolite
Dihydrotestosterone/ Drostandiol &/or Metabolite
Desoxymethyltestosterone Metabolite
Drostanolone &/or Metabolite
Estra-4,9-dien-3,17-dione Metabolite
Ethacrynic Acid
Fluoxymesterone Metabolite
Formebolone Metabolite
Furazabol Metabolite
4-Hydroxytestosterone/ Formestane Metabolite
6a-Methylandrostendione Metabolite
Mestanolone Metabolite
Mesterolone &/or Metabolite
Methandrostenolone (Methandienone, Dianabol)Metabolite
Testosterone/ Androstendione/ Androstendiol/ DHEA (T/E Ratio >6)
Methandriol &/or Metabolite
Methasterone Metabolite
Cocaine 300/150
Methenolone &/or Metabolite
Marijuana 100/15
Methylnortestosterone Metabolite
Opiates 2000/2000
Methyltestosterone Metabolite
PCP 25/25
Methyl-1-testosterone &/or Metabolite
Stanozolol Metabolite
Mibolerone &/or Metabolite
Stenbolone &/or Metabolite
Norclostebol Metabolite
Norethandrolone/ Ethylestrenol Metabolite
Oxabolone Metabolite
Testolactone Metabolite
Oxandrolone &/or Metabolite
Trenbolone Metabolite
Oxymetholone Metabolite
Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG)
Prostanozol Metabolite

WTF… they’re going to wast a lot of money with this super test… hell! Whata wast! They should concentrate on testing your habilities or the job… wast…

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do you have any options here? I mean, does anything we tell you affect how you can proceed? You’re going to give a shot, right? So I’m not sure how anyone here can really help you. Either you’ll pass or you won’t. No way to be certain, because it really hasn’t been long at all. I think there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll fail the test, tbh. If you believe that’s the case, would you opt not to apply for the job, or are you going to apply regardless?

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What’s your update on this? How did it go?

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Hello there… I want to know how was the test… I think all here may want the same… How did it go???