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Overream Destroys Brock, Nate Diaz Destroys Cerrone!


First, the overream match up. On all the mma forums, so many people thought brocks was going to win. id say it was 50/50. I was amazed that people thinking a guy with only 7 fights was going to dominate a guy whos been around for years. Brock has only looked dominate in 2 fights, mir and herring. Mir is a terrible wrestler. and herring, was never that good of a fighter. decent, but never at the top level. a 220lb randy couture cut brock, and nearly out wrestled him. at the end of their 1st round, brock was gassed, as noted by joe rogan. now you have overream, a 263lb(at weighins) but was probably more like 275 for the fight. is a monster. Its scary to know, a guy that jacked, is also the best striker on the planet. (having won the K1 to prove it). Brock has never in his life, seen a striker like overream. Thats why i laughed at people thinking he would run through overream and get him down. ya ok, buddy. Overream has nearly killed guys with his knees.(watch overream vs fujita) to see what i mean. Ok enought about that fight.

Now, I don't think i saw one person thinking that Nate Diaz was going to win against Cerrone. except me. Again, i had to laugh. This guy, not even in his prime awhile ago, many thought beat gray maynard. the guy who just lost the 3rd fight against Edgar. Now, Nate, is improving dramatically since then. his boxing is outstanding, just like nicks. I knew, that if nate closed the distance, and stayed out of range of cerrone's leg kicks, he would eat up cerrone on the feet. I could not beleive people thinking cerrone was going to run through diaz. are you joking. The guys nate trains with are all animals. and just like his brother nick, his pressure really gets guys tired fast. Cerrone hung in there, landing some decent leg kicks and leg sweeps every now and then, but other than that, it was a one sided beat down.


Sorry, as a mere human, I don't get undead humour, german mortals call (repeated) spoilerism "Arschloch", especially since there is already a thread here called 'Overream vs Lesnar'.


yes, but that thread wasn't by ME. and that thread was more on the buildup to the fight. by the way, what on earth are you talking about "undead" and such. are you speaking some other language.


I liked the OP comments and agree with everything you said. Me and my buddy bet $1 on every UFC fight, we always get the PPV's and I had Diaz and Overeem and I let him pick first on both because I knew he likes both Cerrone and Lesner. So yes I know I won $4 last night on the fights, we just do that for fun and have been doing that for years.


There will always be posers my friend.