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overprotective brother

My girlfriend won’t invite me over to her house cause her brother is overprotective of her, so how do I get her to invite me over without directly asking her?

Tell your girlfriend to tell her brother to mind his own business.

I have a younger sister…my older brother and I never stuck our noses where it didn’t belong.

unless she asked us too…:wink:

Just a thought - shouldnt you be allowed to ask your girlfriend a question directly. Even if you know the answer is going to be no - if you are going out with the girl you should at least be able to communicate using simple questions with yes/no answers. Maybe you should try talking with her about it, their might be a way that you could meet her brother? who knows the guy might even end up liking you if you show him that you actually care about his little sister. as for me ive never had a little sister and i`m glad because there are a lot of scum bags where i live that i would not want touching my sister.

Pretty simple, make friends with her bro.

Throw a big BBQ party at your place and invite everyone you know.

work out, get big, and i dont think he will say too much

I have a little sister, however I don’t pry into her personal life. To BigGuy I am 6ft 2in at 250 pounds my body fat is 8%, I also have a black belt in savate and a red belt in Wushu.
So would your recommendations fit her?

Well, first off, where is this? If this is Kentucky or a bordering state, forget it, pal. You don’t stand a chance against her husband–I mean brother.