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Overpriced Supplements


Hey, just wanted to ask about some stuff a guy wanted to sell me today... Today, at total nutrition in Jacksonville NC, I went it to grab some whey. The worker tried to sell me a $270 one month supply of supplements, 5 different bottles of pills. Yes it's expensive but... Has anyone here ever tried one of these expensive stacks of pills? The guy said I should expect 50 lbs on my bench in a month. Didn't believe a word of it. Any opinions on this, has anyone actually experienced good from a shit ton of pills?


Absolutely no legal supplement will make you gain 50lbs on any of your lifts. Period.

Actually working stuff like creatine monohydrate and beta alanine affect your performance leves to some extent, but no supplement can make you add 50 or even 40lbs or 30lbs extra on the bar within a month on top of what you would gain without it.


Okay, didn't think so. I'm glad I didn't drop the almost $300 on a few pills lol


Unless you're undernourished, I would say: salesperson's gonna sell.


I mean, just saying: https://biotest.t-nation.com/categories/all-products