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Overnight Supplements?


can someone recommend a supplement that i can take to prevent all the hard work done during the day from going to waste ?

i worry alot about the effect the prolonged fast has on muscle, as i am a classic hard gainer. thanks.



Were there no physiques built before the advent of supplements?

You simply need to drink a glass of milk or eat some cottage cheese or eat some jerky or .....just eat a small amount of calories based heavily in protein--especially a slower release protein. Add a small amount of fat and you are fine.

If this is too difficult
order some Metabolic Drive--add water--drink--go to bed


is milk a slow-release protein ?

i like to drink a whole carton of SKIM milk after a workout. can i do the
same before i go to bed ?

perhaps a glass of skim milk, a tablespoon of flax oil, and ZMA ?

i've heard/read that ZMA protects your gains and prevents muscle loss.


Casein protein.


I wouldn't take ZMA and drinking milk at the same time. From what I've read here (sorry don't remember the exact thread), calcium can negatively affect how well your body absorbs ZMA.

I take ZMA about 30 - 45 minutes before I plan to drink my night time shake (8 oz. milk with Metabolic Drive).


thanks alot.

i'll look into ZMA. i usually doze off around midnight. i'll keep maybe a three or four hour difference between ZMA and whatever i decide upon before bedtime.

in terms of milk, HOOD makes an excellent low-carb, low fat product that i think would be ideal to mix with a casein powder.


Make a protein shake and leave it near you when you are sleeping. Drink it when you go for a piss in the middle of a night.


Why would a self-proclaimed hardgainer drink SKIMMED milk.

Just eat more.


Cottage cheese would probably be better than milk. It has a much higher caseine content. For a hard-gainer eat the full fat (4.5%) variety along with your flax oil and/or fishoil before bed. Take the ZMA 1-2 hours before you consume anything high in calcium.