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Overly Tight Hips (and Squating)


Basically I have always had tight hamstrings and doctors have always told me "your just tightly strung", but its really only tight in the hamstrings. Well, through reading here I have realized that this is caused by an anterior pelvic tilt. This tightness in the hips has made squating deeply very difficult. After a year of working on depth I had just broken parrellel (with good form) untill I went on vacation for 2 weeks...now I'm back to square one.

I already do basic hip flexor stretches and foam roll my hip flexors and IT bands. Aside from that, is there anything else I could do?

Any quick fixes?


This may sound like a joke, but focusing on leg curls for a while did the trick for me regarding posterior chain activation. After that, I added high-rep deadlifts (with corresponding light loads). Stretching the iliopsoas wasn't a bad addition, either.
Squatting below parallel (with good form, i.e. without rounding my lower back) and deadlifting finally work for me.

This coming from a guy with APT and a herniated disc.

On a similar note: if you're a tall guy and/or have rather long legs, you might be better served doing front squats instead of back squats.


On your leg day warm up by taking a warm shower before your get on the gym floor. It makes you A LOT more pliable if you're actually apply warm, moving water.....hot tub works too and is better because you can massafe yourself in the water for bonus benefit.


I had the same problem for the longest time. Switching from regular back squats to box squats made a world of difference for me. By forcing yourself to go to depth every time you both become more flexible and instinctively learn how to better position your knees, legs, etc. to go deeper.


Thanks guys, I really ike those ideas. I really like the idea of taking a shower first. Also, FattyFat, I think you made a good poin about the front squats. I have noticed that they have always been easier than back squats for me, but i guess I never associated it with my height (i'm 6'0" but have long legs and a short torso). I will also try the box squats....i think I'll front squat for a month or so to get used to the movement again then add in the box squats.


i agree. after adding in box squats i have actually decided to only do free back squats once a month because i would always end up squatting high when i was going for a PR. with box squats, if you take the ego out, you will become accustomed to the depth and will really know if you hit a true PR in the back squat.


Do the pigeon pose.


hell yes to the pidgeon pose


Search piriformis stretch.


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Tons of mobility work (hips/hamstrings/ankles/quads/adductors) and hardcore stretching for a week or two and you'll have it back again.