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Overlooked Hormone Tests

        Ok, I'm going to get a blood test and was wondering if a comprehensive hormone panel would/could be missing any important hormones that I should know about if I don't specifically ask for it.

            I assume there wouldn't be, but with the attitudes of some doctors on the whole issue of hrt it wouldn't surprise me if they deem this or that "unnecessary"...Am I being paranoid or are there any special tests that they might miss?

              thanks, ToneBone


So I got off the phone w/the advice nurse. I gave her the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, low energy, and moodiness for the past few years...at a moderate level, I mentioned lower recovery rate for workouts etc.. but I don't think they give a rat's ass about that...in fact sometimes that will lead them to thinking "oh no, another guy wanting steroids"..etc..
Anyway, those symptoms are honest, but I may need more "arsenal" to convince them to take me seriously, any other symptoms of low T I might be missing?

               thanks TBN


The ADAM test:


Could It Be Low Testosterone?
The ADAM test (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Men) is a tool used to screen for symptoms of low testosterone in men over 40 years old.

It's a simple first step toward finding out if your symptoms could be related to andropause. Answer the questions below to determine if you are a candidate for salivary bioavailable testosterone (SBA-T) measurement and a clinical consultation about testosterone treatment options.

Print the results and discuss them with your doctor and/or pharmacist.


  1. Have you experienced a decrease in your sex drive (libido)?

    1. Do you lack energy?

    2. Have you lost height?

    3. Has your strength and/or endurance decreased?

    4. Have you noticed yourself enjoying life less?

    5. Are you frequently sad or irritable?

    6. Are your erections less strong?

    7. Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your athletic ability?

    8. Do you find yourself falling asleep after dinner?

    9. Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?


          Thanks E...Actually most of these apply to me, but I have been making good gains with the DC training lately, strengthwise...but a lot of the others apply.



A comprehensive panel usually covers progesterone, estradiol, DHEA, cortisol, and T (sometimes melatonin also.) But, your symptoms could also be caused by low thyroid hormone levels or poor conversion. I would get this checked also.


        Hey thanks bro.

Ok, it's just like I thought, they just called me back and the nurse is saying that the doc is going to test for total test and blood sugar...period...I told her I want more of a full complete hormone panel done, and now I have to wait while she "clears" this with the doc who has now gone home...so tomorrow they will call me back...

         WTF is with these mofo's? I told her a complete hormone panel..now it seems I have to tell them exactly what I want...f...in ridiculous.

             sound familiar guys?


If I were you, I would start searching for a new doctor ASAP. My guess is that your current doc is clueless regarding HRT. You will waste an inordinate amount of time suffering with these symptoms while you try to educate this guy.


I take it that you're getting your work done with your regular physician? Endocrinologists usually use standard kits (it's cheaper that way and there is less room for error.) A "normal" doctor is most likely sending your blood out, and the nurse may not have a lot of experience with these sorts of tests.

In defense of the office staff, they typically have to know about literally hundreds and hundreds of different test, illnesses, and medications (hormone panels probably don't come up all that often. ED? here's a pill; never mind the underlying cause.)


          Well let's give the old fart a chance I guess as it isn't my regular doc,(not that the regular one would be any different), and I have to go to a specialist on THEIR approval ya see...so I don't know...I'm being pessimistic right now, and will give the guy the benefit of the doubt...Just they usually are a bit clueless on such matters...

                they're going to call back tomorrow morning....so I'll fill in at that point what was said.

          thank you for the comments.




             Hey thanks HH. That's the best site I've seen on the subject in terms of professionalism and integrity...awesome guy.

              I await the cronies from the facility to contact me again here this morning...I seem to have to ask for each test to be done...Going to check for a panel listing the different items on Crisler's site.

                 thanks again,


Hopefully if your doctor is clueless regarding HRT he will refer quickly to someone who can help. You might want to do some research and find a few in your proximity. That way, you can suggest who you get referred to instead of him passing you off to another GP or endocrinologist who really is not up on HRT.

There is a list of doctors on LEF.org. I used that and I called a compounding pharmacy in town and asked for some names of doctors who seemed to regularly prescribe HRT related medication.

I was very proactive and it really helped.

Good luck.


           Great, thanks for that info. I'm insured with Kaiser currently, so would foot the whole bill if outside of their offices.



Well just got off the phone again, and sure enough he didn't want to test for anything other than thyroid, test, and blood sugar...I had mentioned estro etc...and was told he didn't want to ask for those tests unless something abnormal came up from these others...I don't even know if they are doing free test as well as total or what...

         But this is Kaiser, and it's what I have to work with if I want a discount, and money is very, very tight for me right now..oh well..

             So I'll go in tomorrow guys,

thanks and I'll get back to you all with the results for some feedback...