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Overloading Before Vacation?


On June 20th I'm leaving for vacation where I'll be unable to weight train for 10 days. I'm going to be doing some conditioning work, but not much beyond sprinting, jump rope, and pushups and possibly pullups if i can find a suitable bar to do them on.

My question is should i intentionally overtrain in the week leading up to the 20th knowing I won't be able to train as hard, or should i continue with my normal volume..


Don't remember where I had read it, but it was somewhere on this site. The author said to increae the volume more than you normally would to allow supercompensation to take place during the vacation. Basically, it's like earning your backoff or deload week. Have a good trip.



You can make a good workout out of what you listed. Have you been doing these things already? Chins...if you are staying in a hotel, pull up over a door. You have a bed? Elevated pushups.

They have stairs? kicking up the volume would be fine, I am thinking, especially if you back off a week or so or even just do a mini workout after a week off.

If you have been training uninterrupted for some time, the break following a heavier volume week may make you supercompensate more than you have been with your current routine.


I'm staying in a beach house so I'm going to have to try to find a pullup bar, but yeah basically I'm going to go through a few simple mini-workouts so that I can at least do something while I'm up there, and as recommended try to up the volume a bit during the coming week, thanks guys.


I've done it before, with good success. In fact, leading up to ANY deload week, I like to increase the frequency and overall volume of my workouts because it allows me to recover faster.

Basicly, you get used to a higher frequency/volume/intensity, and once you cut back, since your body is used to recovering from the higher workload, it recovers faster and more efficiently.