Quick question for everyone. I want to begin the hatfield 12 week competition program as seen here:

I am just a little confused by the Bench 120% Overload x 3 and also Squat 120% Overload x 3. I think this means to takes ones 1RM + 20% for 3 reps. HOW?

Also, as the weeks pass, assuming my above calculations are correct, does one continue to use the same 1RM number from the beginning of the program on both exercises?

Please clarify, Stiddy

If your going 120% id guess the are eccentrics and partner assisted. Dont sound to smart for a squat though


That sounds about the right percentage for heavy supports, though

overload is his term for walkouts. unrack 120%, walk back, set up, hold your position for a couple seconds, then walk forward and rerack. don’t try to squat the weight. If you want accurate info on hatfield’s programs, go to his forum and ask the man himself. He responds to most questions.

I could possibly see the benefits for overloads on squats, especially considering todays gear.

But what’s the idea behind the bench. Seems pretty useless.