Overload Work After Main Sets

I train in 4 week cycles,4th week being a lighter one
I use conjugate,working up to 3-5 rms on max effort days instead of singles
My squat is around 330-345 lbs and bench at 270-280
Do you think it would benefit me if every second week or something like that,on my heavy days after my main variation I did heavy rack lockouts or high board presses for the bench and heavy walkouts and rack lockouts for the squat?

Are you weak at the top of those lifts? If not, then no

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if Im doing a straight bar bench day, usually after I do my tops set, Ill put on a sling shot and do another set at the same weight just more of a rep out, its very effective

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I’ve had good luck doing overloads with WSB type training.

Like for a supp after my ME lift, I would do some sets and reps with my last recorded max. Or as an ME lift, I’ll do reverse band squats. I use light bands and I find I can use about 10% more than I can for a 1RM.

It really builds confidence so when you do walk up to a weight for a new 1RM, you know that you’ve held that weight before and then you can go full in and smash it without hesitation.

The key is to use it sparingly.

It’s called the “Future Method” in WSB terms. Since you’re doing weights you’ll lift in the future now.

Repping your max…
That’s a fast way to get stronger
But seriously,on a board or from pins?

Oh haha! Typcially I’d use a 3-board touch and go for bench doing doubles. I didn’t do this for deadlift or squat because it was just too taxing.