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Overload or Hypoglycemia...


Hi coach,

while re-reading one of your forum posts, I saw that: "The fuzzy feeling at the end of the workout could either be due to CNS overload or hypoglycemia. MAG-10 and Anaconda have a hefty dose of leucine, which spikes insulin. Without carbs in you, a high level of insulin could cause hypoglycemia. ".

Or in your "sample meal plan for a 200lb male who wants to gain lean body mass" (but it's been one year now, maybe things have changed), you recommend a MAG-10 pulse right when waking up, then some whey 10 minutes after, while at bed the day before, you recommend a high fat meal. Isn't it a problem to get in a state of hypoglycemia right at the beginning of the day?

Thanks a lot.