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Overload Methods for Joker Sets?

Hey, I jsut got back to 5/3/1 after I have gotten over an injury. I use the original triumvirat with the addition of joker sets and first sets last (3-5 x8-10). I use very conservative maxes because of my injury (am healed up now).

My question is has anyone tried overloading on their joker sets? I use my slingshot for my joker sets on bench and lightly wrap my knees on squats. I make sure to never fail a rep and keep something in the tank on my joker sets. What are your thougths on this?

We rarely use Joker sets as we look at training as MORE than just lifting weights - things have evolved in our weight room to involve what we like to call “Fucking Awesome” style of training. So Jokers are great for a few people in a few instances but we never do them if another area of training is lacking. We have standards we set in certain areas of fitness, ones that I believe are paramount to being a better person. Strength is one of them but so are other areas.

So yeah, if you think these things help, go ahead. I don’t see much reason for them.