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Overload Joker Sets


Jim or anyone,

Any thoughts on doing the Joker sets with some type of overload assistance (briefs, bench shirt, slingshot, straps etc)?

Just trying to weigh the positive negative of getting the experience of handling the extra weight vs possibly losing explosion off chest/out of hole or fucking up technique.

Raw lifter not terribly interested in doing a meet just using 5/3/1 to become better and stronger. Right now my programming looks like:

5/3/1 sets
Joker sets done with overload help (single ply Inzer powerpants/slingshot)
Assistance work (FSL paused reps 5 sets for 5 reps)
Supersetted with ab wheel on LB days and chins/pulls on UB days.


If you don't plan on competing with gear, not sure why you would use it. Movements in gear are completely different with their own technique to learn. Stick with the main movements raw, they will challenge you plenty using joker sets.


I agree, something like putting on briefs is going to demand that you change your form significantly. You could instead still do raw movements but choose a similar movement that has a reduced range of motion, for example higher box squats, push presses, board presses, and higher rack pulls/pulls with straps


I like using the Slingshot - briefs should only be worn as underwear. I would not recommend it.


Thanks for the input everyone

How about reverse band for squat/dead overload sets? Same kind of support as slingshot without the big change in technique with briefs . . . ?


Never do these - there is too much variation from workout to workout due to the bands stretching. Stick to exercises in which you can control the variables.


Thanks! Didn't realize that


I have been playing around with using slingshot for my joker sets. I only do it some of the time. I think it helps correct my form and get some extra overload. I just use the original slingshot not the heavy duty ones. As I'm getting closer to my meet I dropped it though. I also have tried it for my high rep down sets sometimes too.


hi Jim and happy new year man!

49 year old

2 year doing 5/3/1 and also beyond

start: military press 115x5 now 175x5

bench 175x5 now 265x5

deadlift 255x5 now 430x5

squat 185x5 now 360x5

progress is very good but I feel it :slight_smile: 7 week I look forward to deloading.

anyway my question is can you give some examples of any other ways to use the sling shot? friend of mine who just got start doing the program with me bought the sling shot for me for Christmas and wanted to throw it in once in a while for some fun and also variation like the jk sets fsl or restpause or pyramiding etc.

if there Is a link to some good ideas would appreciate it or if you yourself are using it how do you play with this toy? thanks man.