Overkill Canvas/Poly Squat Suit

Best Lifts: 832 sq, 635 bp, 661 dl
Gear Experience: 7 years

Equipment being reviewed: Overkill squat suit

Pros: Custom made, combination of poly and canvas in the right areas

Cons: may take an adjustment or two to get it right

Comparison: Desigh of canvas/poly hybrid allows this suit to get the maximum spring and rebound of poly and the extreme support/ stopping power of canvas. The design allows for a comfortable/ non-restrictive fit so you don’t feel as if the life is getting squeezed out of you nor like it is loose as a loin clothe.

Thoughts: Probably going to be the last gear I will ever need.

so how much you think it gives you in the squat?

Have you used a Leviathan before. If so, how does this compare?

yes inquiring minds want to know! I love my leviathan but you gotta love the pop a poly gives

Can we transplant this into the sticky so it doesn’t disappear?