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Overhead Triceps Work


Should one keep elbows in pointing forward or let them go where 'they' want?

Is 90 degrees sufficient?

I'm getting not nice clicking in one elbow in this exercise and i find pointing them forward helps. Talking about 100 lb DB's, going lighter seems better but it's not enough load.

Any help would be appreciated.


I like to keep the elbows tight to the ears. I also lower the way waaay farther than the average guy at the gym. Seems like most people do half reps in order to keep their weights up. I like the extreme stretch at the bottom-gives you enough load without having to use the heavy lbs that cause the pain.


I no longer do any sort of tricep extension exercises like overhead DBs, laying EZ bar extensions, and so on as they always aggravate my elbows. I just stick with dips, close grip bench, and cable press down variations. I ran into the same problem as you eventually, couldn't go heavy enough without causing discomfort.

I've tried all sorts of elbow placement and angles; and nothing seemed to help. I feel I still get the same results without using those movements and it has not dampened my progress if that helps any.


Ok that helps. Thanks Evolv. I always liked getting a stretch with a heavy load. Glad your development is coming along by the sounds of it without that exercise. Maybe I'll do it as a finisher with light weight and better stretch like dt said.


How do you hit the long head of the triceps? Or do you have good genetics in that department