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Overhead Triceps Strength

I know this is the Powerlifting section but I am hoping someone has the knowledge. I compete in Strongman as has been stated many times be. My delima is that I have pathetic triceps in size and strength in my opinion. Right now I am currently 210ish but my Overhead Strict Press is only 180lbs at best and I wont lie I have a crazy lean back back arch when its performed. My Push Press with good leg drive is a easy 250lbs for a couple of reps and my best jerk is 295lbs.

My problem though is that on alot of presses in Strongman especially Log Presses, Block Presses, or Viking Press your not really able to double knee bend and in some events can be disqualified for doing so. Which means I have to rely on Triceps strength to lockout and when that happens I go from a ok Presser to damn near last place.

My questions is I know in powerlifting there are numerous Triceps exercises that strategicly train the lockout and movement patterns needed to really blast up your Bench Press. Are there certain Triceps exercises that really carry over to Overhead Triceps strength or are the basic extentions and what not. Thank you guys ahead of time your advice could literally help push me to a next level in Strongman.

I may not be experienced/strongenough to answer this question, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think any heavy triceps training can benefit your oh press. I believe most people would recommend narrow grip bench, boardpresses, band/reverse band bench, chain bench, pin presses, jm presses, etc. Maybe you can even do pin overhead presses starting from a little below your sticking point. Just some ideas.

^^In addition to the above (really all I’ve ever done is narrow grip bench, which is my normal bench style anyway) I also recommend floor presses…pretty good for lockout strength which I’m sure carries to overhead too.

Press against bands.

Will do thanks for the advice. I just was not sure if there were certain moves that carried ovr more. Thanks again.

I got better at overhead pressing when I started doing more reps. So I would do my usual heavy sets with long rest periods, then take off a bunch of weight and do a few sets of 6-8 reps with shorter rest periods.

Good question. I’m think some tri exercises would be better than others for strengthening the overhead press. Some tri exercises are more for size and others concentrate on strenghtening the tendons. Stronger tendons increase weights lifted. I would approach the problems from 2 ways. (1) strenthing the tendon through tri exercises that concentrate on developing the tendons, JM presses and elbows out extensions, lying extension from the chin (2) Use exercises that work the upper half of the overhead press. Presses against bands, reverse band presses, and presses from the top of your head

Just out of curiousity what’s lying extension from the chin.

Sorry bud, kinda a knucklehead sometimes. Its a skullcrusher that you lower the bar to your chin. It places more emphasis on the tendons in your elbow. Try to keep your elbows pointed to the ceiling at a 90 degree angle to the floor

Oh ok so kinda like just putting over emphasis on a the extension in a JM Press.

I’ve had great luck with rolling DB extensions, but that’s going from 135-170, so less than what you’re working with now.

I would just press more and more often. That’s the number one thing I’ve done for my press, as well as pretty much every other lift. I got to a 210 press at ~195lb BW by just getting stronger.

[quote]black_angus1 wrote:
I would just press more and more often. That’s the number one thing I’ve done for my press, as well as pretty much every other lift. I got to a 210 press at ~195lb BW by just getting stronger.[/quote]

Ill second this. If theres that much disparity it could well just be a matter of practicing the lift. Or if you want to target the difference between push press and strict press even more, you could throw in OHP from pins

3rd for more total pressing volume. Also, JM Press.

I overhead press twice a week right now once on Tuesday where I focus more on Strict DE movements against bands and then Heavy Push Press style on Friday. I alternate between a log and axle each week. So I don’t wanna add another press day my shoulders are staying fried as it is. That’s why I thought maybe I could better gains if I chose more direct accessories movements to the overhead press.

Challenge the lift, and hammer the tris, but i guess you have that idea.
If you sway back a lot on the press make sure it’s not a real problem (aside from heavy weight) and that you are not too tight to do a quality press w lighter weight.

To hit the overhead position with a good load I would add in a savichas press here or there too, make it heavy or light, you know how to program for your sport I’m sure. I like the idea of that press w your situation bc you may not be getting that upper back stimulation if you lean back so far. It’s worth a try anyway.

Lastly, if your shoulders are smoked I’d drop any overhead extensions. My shoulders are awful, adding in overhead extensions wreaks havoc on them unless i’m pretty fatigued already and i use it as a finisher.

I’m curious to see what helps you. If you have any success you should report back here. Good luck

Thanks VT Ill def let you guys know anything that works. Ill drop the standing overhead extensions. I think Im gonna give this a run for the next 8 weeks running up to the show. Let me know if you see anything I may be missing. Just to clarify where you see / means I will be alternating those exerices from week to week not doing both. Also between every set of my main movement I perform a set of Band Pull aparts usually in the 12-20 range.

Tuesdays: Stability and Speed
Zavickus Presses (Attempt to use a log on these): 8x3 with bands
Kroc Rows: 2-3 sets
Floor Press/ Board Press: 5x6-10
Hammer Curls/Reverse Curls: 5x6-10

Fridays: Log ME Training
Log Clean and Press: Up to max 5/3/1 (over 3 weeks)
JM Press/Dead Stop Extensions: 5x8-12
Barbell Front Raise/ Side Laterals: 5x6-10
Weighted Nuetral Grip Pull Ups:5x5

I’m assuming that in the OP you were talking about a barbell press. So why aren’t you training the barbell press? All I see is log presses, Savickas presses, and the like. While those are fine movements, they aren’t the barbell press.

No I never mentioned the Barbell Press on purpose. My work with a barbell is not to bad as I can jerk and don’t have to use lockout strength to much. My post is aimed at improving the Log Press, Viking Press and block press as these are moves that require massive shoulder and triceps strength to lock out be cause you can not really rely on a Jerk. Its very uncomfortable to double knee bend and catch a log or block due to the shape. With a Viking Press you will be disqualified for double knee bending so you can only push press meaning you have to finish with a strong lockout.

And the emphasis is on Log right now because in 9 weeks the competition I am csompetiting has a Log Medley and nothing carries over to the Log Press like Log Pressing. How ever my problem is as stated I have to essentially Push Press a Log and am limited due to my Lockout strength.

You can still jerk with a log or block. If you are having trouble with a push press or a jerk on the log, more work is needed with the log. Not too many comps have a viking press, which you can push press on.

I get you though.

For me, a bigger bench means a better overhead. What’s your best bench?

Top movements for tricep/press power IMO;

Military press
Zavickas press
Floor press
Board press
JM Press
Banded work