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Overhead Squatting

I’m interested in seeing what will happen after 6 weeks of these incredibly tough lifts.

I’m also doing one-arm “suitcase” deadlifts for this period, on deadlift day of course.

Here’s my idea: for 4-6 weeks, do only overhead squat and no back squat. To exhaust my quadriceps properly. do leg press after the overhead squat.

I’m hoping I receive squat benefits (good hormonal response etc etc etc) with even more core strength, and on top of that possibly better quad hypertrophy than back squats alone.

Switching it up a little sounds like a good, fun idea to me. Can’t hurt to come back to these two biggies with a rock-solid core.

(I’m also doing calves on both those days, and some sort of side bends on squat day.)

Any comments?

Anyone wanna give it a go with me?

I did that. In Jan. I replaced OH squats for back squats while still doing front squats. My back squat improved nicely. My back squat hadn’t improved in 6 months prior to that program.

When I came back, to the back squats I designed a nice progression routine and my 3 rep max easily became my 10 rep max. Probably like a 70lb jump for ME, but I’m not sure.

Only problem I have with overhead squats is that it’s difficult to go heavy enough to properly stress my legs, low back, and glutes.

It’s a core/shoulder stabilization exercise as far as I’m concerned.

Same thing with suitcase deadlifts.

Yeah, you’ll have crazy stability but it’s, in my opinion, akin to that balance ball shit.

I think you’d get more out of squatting heavy, if you wanna target quads hit the FS up.

But like you said, you’ll get a very strong core.

If you are at a no gain, no matter what you do stage, then to continue to do the same thing and expect different results is silly. Your approach is good. Instead of the leg press, how about the one legged squat, aka the pistol?

my idea to your idea is to change the overhead squat parameters from

5x8 to 8x5.

you dont want to start out with 8 reps with the Overhead squat, its a crazy bitch. youll want to hit it hard and not for so many reps.

Instead of the leg press, why not follow it up with a hack squat?

I personally don’t think 4-6 weeks is long enough to reep the benefits of a new exercise. Especially the difficulty with this one.

I’ve been overhead squatting for about 3 yrs now.

MY advice:

Start out really light to get proper technique down. <-- this may take a few weeks.
Start out with high reps<-- again focusing on proper technique.
Don’t exhaust yourself in the 1st few weeks.
Slowly use linear periodization.
Invest in a good set of heavy duty wrisy wraps. And gym chalk.
Get your ass as close to the ground as possible and pause.
Use a MIRROR!!!
You must warm-up properly!!! This means stretch stretch stretch stretch and STRETCH!!! And not just 10 mins either!!!

And last but not least preper to fall and or dump the weight if you go to heavy to fast

OH squats are great. They show up your weakness. If you feel them in your legs then your legs are the weakness and you should not get any greater benefit from normal squats over the OH squats, IF YOU FEEL IT IN THE LEGS MOST.

They really show up your weakness and that is the beauty of them, by focusing on your weakness you make the best progress.

You could find they stress your abs, or arms, or shoulders, or back, in fact everyone could feel them in a different part of the body.

I read one article (Dan John?) where the guy was saying if he could do just one exercise, it would be that.

That’s my 2c worth.

I also like one arm deadlifts both suitcase style and from the front, like the old timers, gives good twisting strength etc…

Note that the greater weights used for normal deadlifts / squats have a greater overall effect though in my opinion, but these variations are important.

Why not just do OHS then finish with back squats?

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
Instead of the leg press, how about the one legged squat, aka the pistol? [/quote]

I tried doing some overhead pistols the other day with 45lbs. Not easy.

[quote]Krollmonster wrote:
Why not just do OHS then finish with back squats?[/quote]

Because I like to get the most bang for the buck for my exercises, and according to Waterbury the more you deviate from the first exercise you do (the most important) the less effective it is, except of course to hit something different…

I figure the overhead squat will not be taxing my quads that much, and with the recent speculation on the quad hypertrophy potential of leg press, it seems like a neat combo.

Hit the core harder than squats, and then hit the quads really hard.

To the 45lb overhead pistol guy…you better not be talking about 45lb dumbbells! That’s still sick if you did it with a 45lb barbell overhead. I’m a KISS kinda guy though, I don’t think I am gonna go for overhead pistol squats. Kudos for creativity though.

How about throwing in a preacher curl instead of the leg press? Target the guns a little bit.

I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t start an olympic lifting program until you can OH squat your bodyweight equivalent for 15 reps. Can’t remember exactly who said it but two names ring a bell: Mel Siff or Dan John. Anybody else hear of this and which author it was?

As far as the effectiveness of OH squats, they’re most effective in improving your front squat - makes it so much easier to keep your torso upright doing front squats after doing OH squats for a while.

Work your OH squats in on your pull day (DL day) and do both front and back squats on your squat day.