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Overhead Squats

I cannot do them even with no weight!! Does anyone have tips of how to work up to them - like how to get my upper body flexible enough? My hips are pretty mobile, but I can’t keep my arms over my head straight up…

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Sit in bottom squat position, pick up broomstick and hold it overhead then stand up. Usually works.

have you ever been able to?

Try to “rip the bar in half” as you lower in to the hole…

I have to use a really wide grip and really lock the bar out far behind my neck.

Nmm. I’ll try these things today. Thanks! I’ve never been able to do one, but I’ve never tried until recently either. My lats are usually tight…

Add the barbell. Pull the barbell apart when you lower into the squat. Really try to rip it apart.


snatch width grip
lock your elbows by rotating them back
keep your head up, but forward

do broomstrick streches, shoulder dislocates

i like to hold a bodybar snatch grip and lay on a bench then sorta just let the bar hang behind my head and stretch my chest and bis, hurts like hell. try to slowly narrow the grip.

A broomstick or light bodybar is definitely your friend here. If you have a spotter to help, have them hold the bar for stability as you slowly lower yourself into the squat position. Then, they can actually push down on the bar to simulate a weight and help you get your lats, hip, shoulders and calves used to the load. You can also use a smith machine (Hey, they’re good for something after all!). Lock its bar high and stretch forward and back with your shoulders and hips. Lock the bar a notch lower and repeat until your in the bottom position.

Once you have the flexibility you can increase your stability and confidence with this drill: Hold the bar above you in the bottom position and squat up into the bar. The bar doesn’t move, you squat up into it. At the top you’d be ready for a regular back squat.

I would also suggest you add some rotator cuff work into your regular routine to be sure all the muscles, tendons and ligaments are strong and pliable enough. Your own body may be inhibiting you otherwise.

Good luck! It’s a great exercise.

OHSQs at 2:20

If I am fine with technique could I replace my back squats with OH Squats for the 10x3 back squat days?

[quote]forevernade wrote:
If I am fine with technique could I replace my back squats with OH Squats for the 10x3 back squat days?[/quote]

I think OH Squats are great, but I don’t think you would be able to go heavy enough to replace back squat. You could do a heavy squat day (back/front) and a light squat day (oh, goblet, etc)