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Overhead Squats


I have been trying to do overhead squats with just the bar, but everytime i start to go down, my upper back starts to collapse. My lower back is not caving in, just my upper back has problems stabilizing my body.

I can military press 75 (yes weak i know) for 8 reps, and i can squat about 185 8 times, but i still cant even leg out just 1 rep in overhead squats with just the bar without me collapsing.

Can someone help me out, and explain to me what the weak link is.

Thanks alot



this sounds like a flexibility issue, rather than a strength one. your shoulders are probably not flexible enough, it took me months of doing 'shoulder dislocates' before i could overhead squat. Pavels book 'relax into stretch' teaches the proper form for shoulder dislocates.
hope this helps!
good luck!


Also, start your workout with dynamic movements like big arm circles and also do them throughout your workout.


How do u do "shoulder dislocates"?

SO u guys think its a flexibility issue, not a strength problem?

Thanks alot



IF the weight is being lost to the front, you probably do have to work on the flexibility of your chest and shoulders, so you can keep your shoulders back properly. Make sure you are performing at least as many reps for upper back as you do for chest.

Stretch the chest and shoulders thoroughly after working them. If you are really tight, ease up on the total amount of benching, or substitute full range dumbbell movements for barbell movements.


I could not do them untill my shoulders becames flexible enough to place the bar overhead correctly. If you shoulders dont let you get the bar back far enough you will drop the bar in front of you.


Try it with a broomstick: humiliating for some, salvation for others. Who cares, suck in your ego and get squatting man!


The broomstick is your friend.

I've also heard that drop snatches from behind the neck will help your shoulder flexibility but all it does for me is make my ac joint so loose I can't do anything.

6 months ago I couldn't squat 315 without my left hip flexor hurting so bad it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife but after extensive work of overhead squatting with a broom stick, overhead lunge walks with the bar to 95 lbs and overhead squatting up around 110 lbs for reps along with lots of samson stretches I've got no pain at all and I squatted 405 with a touch and go on a low box last week.

I'd give the overhead lunges a try. And remember to try and put your delts in your ears. You won't get close to your ears but the visualization helps me to keep my shoulders tight.


Would doing an O-head squat with a dumbell instead of the bar be good or not really?

Naturally the bar is longer, making it less stable and harder, but can i use dumbells until i can use the bar, or should i just use the b-stick?

THanks alot



Using a single Dumbbell will be easier than a bar- you can twist a little to put the loaded shoulder back a bit. two DB is harder than a bar.

I started OH squats with just a yardstick. Work on hamstring flexibility and arch.