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overhead squats, where to include them?

I’m about to complete a training cycle for endurance, and am trying to put together a training program along the lines of CT’s pendulum training fro athletes (briefly my reason for doing this is my athletic needs require that I focus on more than two strength areas for optimal performance). Right now my plan looks something like this:
weeks 1 and 7
-strength endurance
weeks 2 and 6
-maximal strength
weeks 3 and 5
-speed strength
week 4
-strength speed
I’d like to include overhead squats, as balance and co-ordination are two of my weak areas. I’m thinking of using them as a supplementary exercise during maximal strength weeks, but would appreciate feedback on this.

What sport/event are you training for? As far as overhead squat is concerned, do it in the structural weeks only.

Another option is to do 1-2 sets of overhead squats before your regular squats to work on technique.

Mike Mahler

Use overhead squats on your endurance day and/or in your specific worm up.
Overhead squats don?t lend themselves to heavy loading but would make a good worm-up tool and/or structural exercise.

thanks for the suggestions, looks like structural week for warm-up and form it is.
-loop I’m training for striking martial arts and various aspects of army physical fitness, including the obstacle course. While strength endurance and cardio vascular endurance are primary requirements for both of these, power (strength-speed, mavimal strength) are also necessary. one of my major weak areas is my vertical jump, which hinders my ability to complete some of the obstacles.