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Overhead Squats Good?


any reason a 46 ur old should do these??any benefits for me??do tell


I don't think maraudermeat or PeteS do them and they seem to be getting strong enough without.

They will make your shoulder girdle stronger in a certain way and work a lot of stabilizers, but whether you need that would depend on your goals/requirements I would think.


IMO, if you wanna squat..then squat. if you want to overhead press then do that. squats are already hard enough without trying to hold the weight overhead at arm's length.


If you're asking whether age stops someone from a certain exercise, then no. BTW, I don't consider 46 old (I'm 55).


I do them allot
more as an activation exercise
and diagnostic test then anything else

very quickly I find out if I can hold an arch
if my ankles, knees, and hips are warm enough
too tight - loose etc.

they are a great gauge as to where I am that day,
if I need to do more mobility work, or am I too banged up
from other training


i love them for mobility. doing them properly involves good mobility of the ankles, hips, thoracic spine, and shoulders. they are kind of a diagnostic test for me, too, in the sense that if they don't feel smooth and controlled i know i need to work on whatever is restricting my movement. i also find them good for activation (glutes in particular)


i do them to help with mobility and because I'm teaching myself the snatch.


thanks for responses