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Overhead Squats for PL


I've been trying these out so I could get multiple benefits at the same time:
1. Improved shoulder mobility
2. Stronger shoulder girdle
3. greater hip mobility
4. better hip activation and make myself push the knees out hard
5. Work my core out a little more than with a back squat
6. As a mobility/activation general warmup

I'm keeping sets between 3-5 and sets 6-12 as the work right after my speed squats.

For the warmup overhead squats, I do this before any workout day, I grab an empty bb, snatch it into position, start overhead squatting 'bouncing' in the hole for 5 controlled times, then go back up and repeat 4 more times.

How come not many PLers do overhead squats? Are there better ways of achieving the above goals in one fell swoop?


I do overhead squats.


I do OS on shoulders day actually, together with clean & jerks.

Definitely a great exercise for shoulder mobility and core strength.


You just answered your own question.


I would be curious to hear your reasons stronghold. I don't like the idea of using them as a 2nd/3rd exercise aftrr DE legs, but warming up with the empty bar on upper body days works great, and I personally like to use them before my heavy squat says, as a warm-up. It keeps my t-spine feeling better and helps me maintain a tighter back when I go to the real work.

I don't use them all the time but I throw them in when I need a boost and they always make me feel better.


Nothing wrong with doing Overhead Squats and are pretty coming with Olympic Lifters. Very Beneficial exercise. Brad Gillingham for example used a pretty extensive front squat routine then would throw in Back Squats a few weeks before meets. I think the more variation of squats you can use the better core strength and hip strength and stability you have.

I do beleive your BS or FS should be the foundation of your routine but Overhead, Zerchers, etc are nice 2nd or 3rd exercises.


I like OH squats, drop snatches, and sotts press as warmup moves.


I used to use bb complex warmups before and it worked well. I'm not sure why I stopped. I'll give that one a shot.

For my next Dynamic Effort lower body day I was thinking of something like this:

-do a few drop snatches and see what's tight or too loose and foam roll/activation exercise/stretch as necessary
-bang out a couple sets of OH squat
-do as many complexes of drop snatches to overhead squats to scott's press as needed
-start specific speed squat warmup

6x2 halfish of max w/ chains box squats; 6x2 w/ chains no box
Overhead squat 9x3
romanian deadlift 4x8
natural ghr on bosu ball or if not up to it band leg curls
overhead db decline crunches or heavy one arm db farmers walks

Designed for:
-shoulder health
-improve core
-improve stretch-reflex in the hole